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Chapter 2370: Quick… quickly escape…… (6)

Initially, the Weeping Soul Red Scorpion that she killed was only a sixth tiered magical beast and that was equivalent to human’s seventh levelled practitioner.

By right, it’s ability should be almost the same as her.

But that red scorpion’s corpse actually got split into two parts under one strike of hers.

It was then when Huang Yueli came to understand that these red scorpions should react more vigorously towards fire attribute and because of that, Lord Zhan was able to control them successfully.

“Later on, I’ll release the True Phoenix Fire and help you to disrupt the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion’s view. After that the three of you will attack from three different directions, taking advantage of the chaotic situation to attack it’s vital spots, and try to kill it in one go! Otherwise…. Senior Brother says it will absorb a practitioner’s spiritual root and we don’t know if it’s real or false, so anyway just try your best not to be injured by it.”

Liu Buyan didn’t give an agreeable look, “Junior Sister you’re just in the seventh stage realm so it’s best not to join in this bustle. The three of us have got enough ability so we should be able to deal with this scorpion! Moreover speaking, I’m also a fire attributed practitioner so I should be able to disrupt it. You’d better stay here to look after Li Moying!”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Senior Brother, don’t worry, I’m not that weak! Moreover, I’m the only one who has the True Phoenix Fire and ordinary deviant flames are unable to curb this mutated ninth tiered magical beast. I can attack it from a far distance so there’s no need for you to worry.”

The trio were unable to persuade her hence they could only agree.

Huang Yueli settled Li Moying in a corner and set up a simple array around him to prevent the Weeping Soul Red Scorpions from getting near to him.

After that she walked to the front and when she stopped only when she was one hundred meters away from the blood pool.

This distance alone was able to make the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion sensed the flourishing blood and qi in her body, as well as her efficacious and abundant spiritual root.

The huge Demonic Soul Red Scorpion instantly got excited as it raised its pincers up high, as though it couldn’t wait any longer, as it charged towards her direction!

“Junior Sister, be careful!” Liu Buyan broke out into cold sweat on her behalf.

However, Huang Yueli herself was unhurried as she started her Agility Dance Steps and easily moved around, avoiding the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion’s ferocious frontal attack.

Immediately following that, her hands started forming hand gestures and a ball of True Phoenix Flame appeared in her palm and in an instance, it expanded to become a surging fire dragon!


Huang Yueli’s fingers pointed and the fire dragon immediately charged towards the direction of the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion.


Demonic Soul Red Scorpions were originally afraid of fire and the True Phoenix Fire was the Number One top ranking deviant flame on the deviant flame chart, so it was extremely powerful!

After Huang Yueli hit the bullseye, the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion sustained a serious injury and it instantly gave off a miserable cry.

Blood stench instantly filled the air and it even surfaced a scorching smell of burnt shell.

Liu Buyan and the others had been lying in wait just to attack and at this moment, they totally weren’t perfunctory as they all started charging upwards immediately.

After Huang Yueli completed her mission, she immediately retreated. After all her cultivation was slightly lower and the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion was heavily injured by the True Phoenix Fire and it’s violent trait was completely invigorated so for her to appear now was simply too dangerous so it was better that she had a little self-knowledge.

Luckily Liu Buyan and the others had outstanding ability and their coordination were rather well coordinated.

After an intense battle, the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion’s huge body finally swayed and without moving, it sunk towards the bottom of the deep blood pool.

Liu Buyan and the others finally heaved a breath of relief as they panted heavily and stopped.

“Fin.. finally… isn’t this this fellow is a little too hard to deal with…..”