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Chapter 2368: Quick… quickly escape…… (4)

“Even some second rated powers had some practitioners caught and in comparison, Blue Profound Sect’s disciples are the least…..”

Cang Po Jun said, “That’s right, Blue Profound Sect’s disciples management towards disciples are much stricter and generally they would leave a message through the transmission stone on where they are going for experience learning. Whereas Sect Master is known for being overly protective so even if he had gone into closed door cultivation for many years, the number of people who dared to offend us weren’t many.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, “From the current looks, the difficulty of us leaving this place has increased. I originally thought that there should be plenty of low levelled practitioners who were being trapped here but whoever knew that there are quite a number of eighth stage realm and even ninth stage realm strong practitioners. The Blood Moon Spell had absorbed so many practitioner’s Profound Energy and cultivations so it is definitely extremely powerful so if we wanted to decode the array, it would be a difficult task…..”

Huang Yueli’s brows cringed as her thoughts raced when suddenly, she saw the pillar in front of them where the first Blue Profound Sect’s disciple whom they discovered, his body suddenly twitched.

“What’s going on? Could it be that Junior Brother Ding is still alive?” She raised her brows.

Cang Po Jun and Liu Buyan gazed towards him when they heard her say that.

The disciple surnamed Ding’s body was not only twitching, moreover his tightly shut eyes seemed to have opened a slit as his lips opened and closed, as though he was trying to say something.

Cang Po Jun and Liu Buyan exchanged glances and walked right up as they asked in a low voice, “Junior Brother Ding, you… are you still alive? Do you know, if there’s a way to leave this place? Or if there’s any chance that we can use? We’ll save you out!”

“Ha…. Ha…..” However, Cang Po Jun could only hear muffled gasping sounds from his mouth.

“Junior Brother Ding, what are you trying to say?” Cang Po Jun leaned slightly closer.

This time round, he could finally hear his indistinct words, “Quick… quickly… escape… blood…. pool…. inside…. there’s…. there’s…..”

The more he spoke to the back, disciple Ding’s voice grew softer, as though these few words had exhausted his remaining energy.

“What’s there?” Cang Po Jun couldn’t help but questioned closely.

“There’s…. there’s…”

Before Cang Po Jun could hear him clearly, he heard Huang Yueli’s terrified scream coming from his back, “Guardian Jun, be careful!! Quickly come back!!”

At the same time, Cang Po Jun also sensed something that a distance very near to his side, that there was a dangerous aura getting close in an instance.

Alarms started ringing in his heart and immediately retreated abruptly when suddenly, a wave of red light flashed past and an extremely strong Profound Energy had already slashed towards his chest!

This Profound Energy was both pure and dangerous, and was filled with a cold murderous intent so even with Cang Po Jun’s cultivation, under the sneak attack, he totally had no way to evade it in time!

“Damn it!” Cang Po Jun clenched his teeth, thinking that he would definitely be seriously injured.

Luckily at this moment, Liu Buyan had already headed upwards to help him block off this fatal strike and at the same time, shouted out severely, “Why are you still in a daze, quickly back off!”

Cang Po Jun’s reaction wasn’t slow as well as his pressure instantly reduced and he immediately retreated backwards.

Liu Buyan managed to succeed in one move and didn’t dare to continue fighting as he immediately retreated as well!

Huang Yueli saw the situation wasn’t wise and didn’t dare to drag their feet hence she had long slipped away!

The group hurriedly treated to the corner where Cang Po Hun was protecting Li Moying and only when she felt comparatively safe, did she dared to turn her head back to have a look.

She saw right smack in the centre of the blood pool, slowly surfacing a humongous sized red scorpion.

This scorpion, as compared to the previous largest one which they saw, was over a hundred times larger!