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Chapter 2367: Quick… quickly escape…… (3)

However, Huang Yueli took a deep breath and said, “Let’s head over to that side…..”

“Alright!” Liu Buyan agreed.

He and Cang Po Jun protected Huagn Yueli as they followed the compass to walk one round around the blood pool.

The three walked and observed the surrounding pillars and almost every step they took resulted in a shocking new discovery.

“This… this seems to be Sky Devil Sect’s direct disciple? It’s rumoured that he’s already an eighth stage realm practitioner but he’s actually caught to this place to become a fertiliser!”

“And this, seems to be a disciple from Mythical Flame Palace?”

“You say, what’s so strange about these?” Liu Buyan’s expression was grave as he stopped his footsteps, as he pointed at a pillar in front and his voice started to quiver, “Do you recognise this man? This is an Elder from Cloud Ocean Sect!”

Saying that, he turned his head around and looked at Huang Yueli, “Junior Sister, do you still remember? Twenty years ago when we headed over to a mystic region for experience learning in West Sky Region, back that this Cloud Ocean Sect’s Elder was like a trouble monger and he gave us plenty of trouble. After we left the mystic region, he disappeared and many rumoured that he was killed by Mu Chengying! Actually, he totally wasn’t killed by us but that fellow had always been lazy to explain and he didn’t seem as though he cared what others said…”

Huang Yueli squinted her eyes and took a look for a moment, and finally managed to make out his face from that hollow skeleton face.

“Putting it in that way… it really seems to be him! Heavens, how could this be! If he had gone missing back then, and was captured in this blood pool, didn’t that mean that he had already been here for twenty over years! Could it be that that Lord Zhan had already started doing these kind of unsightly things since twenty over years ago?”

When Huang Yueli thought of this point, her expression grew uglier.

At the same time, she seemed to have thought of something, “In that way, that year when Lord Zhan used the fake news to lure me to Lone One Summit, his motive probably wasn’t just the Sky Phoenix Ring?”

If she had not chosen to self-explode back then, and instead handed over the Sky Phoenix Ring, perhaps she might also be kept in this Blood Moon Great Array…..

Just thinking of it made the hairs on her hand stand up.

Liu Buyan frowned as he said, “This fellow at least had ninth stage realm fifth level cultivation but he’s actually been sucked into this dry corpse…. Looks like we are in big trouble this time…..”

Huang Yueli’s brows also creased as she lifted her head and took a look towards the left and right sides.

“Let’s not say such depressing stuff first, let’s continue going round the blood pool and talk after we’ve completed one round.”

Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun nodded their heads and the trio walked an entire round along the blood pool, as they took detailed look at each and every pillar.

This time round, they discovered quite a number of old acquaintances.

“This is… Seven Stars Palace’s….. Celestial Heavens Gate’s…..”

“This seems to be one of the most outstanding direct disciples in Cloud Ocean Sect, and back then when the Seven Sacred Lands were having a tournament, he even won our Blue Profound Sect’s disciple! Such a talented practitioner with boundless future, actually landing into such a state…”

Huang Yueli and the others were scared witless the more they saw.

They finally managed to finish one round and Huang Yueli stopped in her footsteps as she recollected her memories and said, “According to the situation that we have identified earlier, this Blood Moon Spell traps practitioners from various large powerhouses in Soaring Heavens Continent, and not just merely from the Seven Sacred Lands!”