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Chapter 2369: Quick… quickly escape…… (5)

It’s tail was pointed upwards and pincers were raised, from head to tail, the height was a total of five to six meters tall.

Moreover, this red scorpion was entirely red in colour and the surrounding was emitting bursts of red coloured mist, as though it was about to burst into flames.

The moment this red scorpion appeared, the air was filled with an immense suppression and adding on to earlier that even for a top-rated top exponent like Cang Po Jun, he almost died under the red scorpion’s pincers, it left the few of those present in a panicked state.

“This… this red scorpion… why did it suddenly appear? Could it be that earlier it was hiding under the water in the blood pool and totally did not reveal it’s whereabouts at all? Then just how deep in this blood pool, to be able to hide such a huge magical beast!” Cang Po Jun was still panting for breath.

Cang Po Hun replied, “Earlier I also saw, this scorpion’s movement is just too fast. It only took a moment when my eyes went blurry and it already surfaced out of the water, and even attacked Big Brother. If it wasn’t for Divine Doctor Liu’s swift reaction, Big Brother you’d definitely be finished today!”

When Cang Po Jun heard that, he hastily gave his thanks towards Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan lifted his head when he heard that and his eyes were filled with anxiety, “What’s there to thank about? We are not out of danger yet! If I haven’t guessed wrongly, this should be the legendary Demonic Soul Red Scorpion! I can’t believe that we would actually meet with the magical beast which should only exist in legends today!”

Cang Po Hun’s face flushed pale, “Divine Doctor Liu, you’re saying… this… this is the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head.

Huang Yueli also added on solemnly, “It should be correct! Earlier I was thinking that there are so many high levelled practitioners here, and these Weeping Soul Red Scorpions sucked so much of these high levelled practitioners’ blood so there should be a possibility of evolution, and that the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion would definitely be produced! However, something is off about these little scorpions…. From the looks of it, if my deduction isn’t wrong, only that Demonic Soul Red Scorpion is hiding in the lower portion of the blood pool.”

Cang Po Jun looked at the unconscious Li Moying and looked at the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion in the blood pool as its huge pincer was raised while strutting around, and his expression grew extremely grave.

“This time round we’re in deeper trouble! We absolutely cannot go near the blood pool, otherwise we will absolutely not be able to return after that! Luckily there is only this one Demonic Soul Red Scorpion here and it seems to be observing us with no intention of pouncing over yet. I’m afraid….. if time drags on, it will just come chasing over…..”

Liu Buyan heard and replied, “Even if it chases over, we won’t be sitting ducks here right? Don’t be frightened by this fellow, no matter what, it isn’t a spiritual beast, only a ninth tiered magical beast. Although a magical beast’s battle power is far above same levelled practitioners, but the three of us are ninth stage realm peak practitioners so if we join hands to kill it, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Cang Po Jun heard that and went silent for a moment, “Divine Doctor Liu’s meaning is it’s best for us to strike out first, to kill it?”

“Not best, but necessary!” Liu Buyan hadn’t had the time to reply when Huang Yueli already butted in.

“Earlier I’ve already observed that the array eye of the Blood Moon Great Array should be in the centre of the blood pool and if we want to activate the transportation array to leave this place, we must enter through the blood pool! Luckily we hadn’t acted rashly earlier otherwise we might just have become food for this Demonic Soul Red Scorpion!”

Hearing this, the group all started to raise their heads to look at the Demonic Soul Red Scorpion in the blood pool, as they were thinking of ways to strike it down.

Huang Yueli spoke out again, “Earlier I noticed something, these red scorpions seem to be a little afraid of water.”