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Chapter 2363: Blood Moon Great Array (5)

Suddenly, Cang Po Jun hastily shouted, “Divine Doctor Liu, pay attention, quickly look under your feet!”

Liu Buyan lowered his head in a hurry to see a few Weeping Soul Red Scorpions, as though they had smelled the scent of a living human from the few of them as it all started to crawl out from the blood pool and swiftly scurried out from under their feet.

Liu Buyan was standing the nearest to the pool hence he bore the brunt of it.

Even if it was Liu Buyan who was the most knowledgeable, the current him also had a slight change in expression.

He instantly unleashed a burst of unsophisticated Profound Energy, sweeping towards those Weeping Soul Red Scorpions on the ground.

However, those few crawling at the back which were attacked by him all fell dead but the largest sized one which crawled in the front was also one of the fastest. It swayed for a few moments and immediately started crawling again. It’s tail even started to sweep and ferociously scuttered a distance as it directly wanted to pounce onto Liu Buyan’s thigh.

“F**k, this is too… too disgusting! This scorpion is probably a seventh tiered magical beast!!”

Liu Buyan’s complexion paled and hurriedly retreated backwards and at the same time, the Profound Energy on his hand increased in intensity and struck towards that large scorpion which led the group once again.

A “Padoop” was heard and this time round, the large scorpion was finally defeated onto the ground, totally not moving at all.

Liu Buyan broke out into cold sweat from this sudden episode and after he calmed himself down, the expression on his face turned more serious than before.

“These scorpions… look like they are able to smell a living person and will pounce upwards.. in this case, that Lord Zhan really is using living people to feed these Weeping Soul Red Scorpions….”

Cang Po Hun immediately looked as though he was about to vomit, “It’s too disgusting! How could anyone possibly do such a thing like this! Divine Doctor Liu, you’re the most knowledgeable among us, in your opinion, what do you think he’s trying to do?”

Liu Buyan hadn’t replied when Cang Po Jun had already taken over from him, “What else could it be? Haven’t Divine Doctor Liu already said this earlier? This kind of Weeping Soul Red Scorpion, once it has evolved into a ninth tiered magical beast, he will be able to refine them into medicinal pills to cultivate the demonic arts… that Lord Zhan’s ability is so strong, even comparable to Sovereign’s peak, I’m afraid he must have used this kind of lowlife methods?”

Cang Po Hun frowned, “But Divine Doctor Liu has also mentioned that that was just a myth! Ninth tiered magical beasts, there aren’t many in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent and that Lord Zhan just casually found a few people to feed those red scorpions and he would be able to transform a ninth tiered magical beast out? How could it be that simple?”

“If he really wanted to refine pills, he might not necessarily use the Demonised Soul Red Scorpions to refine. Perhaps he could use the blood which had been sucked out from the Weeping Soul Red Scorpions to come out with another first class medicinal pill. In the art of pill refining, we would often use medicinal herbs which are not as good as a replacement…” Liu Buyan pondered over this as he attempted to analyse the situation.

The few of them were discussing by the side and they didn’t forget to keep scanning their surroundings for any Weeping Soul Red Scorpions which might crawl over.

Perhaps it was because they were fresh living people with vigor and the attraction was simply too big so the number of red scorpions which crawled towards them was getting more and more, and quite a number of red scorpions also abandoned their original target of blood sucking as it crawled towards them.

Although the group of them had rather good abilities and dealing with a bunch of red scorpions was nothing much, but still it was very irritating.

“Damn it, these red scorpions are really too irritating!”

“Not only are they irritating, moreover, the quantity is increasing, as though we simply can’t kill them all! We must leave this place immediately otherwise when our Profound Energy is exhausted, we might run into big trouble!” Liu Buyan’s expression turned very grim.