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Chapter 2362: Blood Moon Great Array (4)

Originally this matter sounded extremely horrifying and now they were stuck in a ghostly place which had such a dense stench of blood, and not to mention…. Right next to everyone’s feet laid the corpse of a Weeping Soul Red Scorpion…

“Not good! Quickly look! There are several Weeping Soul Red Scorpions crawling over!” Cang Po Hun took a look at the corner of the wall and his face suddenly flushed white as he cried out.

Everyone’s head turned back and indeed saw a few totally bloody red scorpions with bulging tummies crawling towards them.

“They must have smelled the scent of blood hence they’re gathering over! We must leave this place immediately!”

Huang Yueli hugged Li Moying’s body tightly as she spoke out in a solemn expression.

The others also realised the danger which was lurking and instantly agreed with Huang Yueli’s thinking.

The group speedily discussed for a while and changed their team formation. It was still Cang Po Jun who stood in front to clear the road while Liu Buyan would guard the rear. Cang Po Hun would follow Huang Yueli and protect them closely.

“Grandmaster Huang, Sovereign should be rather heavy, why not pass him over to me.” Cang Po Hun looked at the young lady next to him, whose status was petite yet carrying a man who was much taller than she was, so he hurriedly wanted to help.

However, Huang Yueli shook her head and rejected him, “No need, it’s best that I do it personally! Otherwise I won’t be at ease!”

“But…” Cang Po Jun looked up and down at Huang Yueli.

Although he knew clearly that for a high levelled practitioner like Huang Yueli, not to mention carrying Li Moying, even if it was to carry several tons of huge rocks, that would be an easy feat.

But looking at her petite and slender figure, it still made him break out into cold sweat.

Huang Yueli seemed as though she didn’t mind his gaze as she carefully lifted Li Moying into a princess hug, following behind Cang Po Jun as she moved forward.

Initially, Liu Buyan would still use the flame to illuminate the path for everyone but as the group walked into the central area, the surrounding lights turned brighter and brighter, and although it was still a little dim, but slowly they didn’t need to illuminate their paths.

Not only so, the stench of blood smell in the air also grew thicker and that made everyone feel extremely uncomfortable all over.

Huang Yueli’s brows creased tightly, as she instinctively hated this smell very much.

This smell was not only the smell of blood, it was also mixed with fishy and pungent smell, and in combination, it made one feel like throwing up.

It was right until the group had walked into the middle of the room, looking at the current situation, their eyes all turned wide as they could not help but sucked in a breath of cold air!

In the central position was a huge sunken pool.

The pool’s surroundings and centre area had red tall poles and on each pole was tied a man.

The few of them were dressed in shabby unlined garments and their heads hung low, totally not moving at all so there was no way to know if they were alive or dead.

Moreover, on each person’s calf and thigh were several Weeping Soul Red Scorpions and these scorpions were much larger than the one which Huang Yueli had killed earlier, as they were all sucking on these people’s blood.

The pool was injected with fresh red liquid and it gave off a combination of stench of blood and pungent smell.

The few of them were dazed from seeing this scenario.

After some time, Liu Buyan was the first to make a sound, “What the, this… this is a blood pool?? It’s actually real… there’s real living people who are being fed alive for these Weeping Soul Red Scorpions?? All these are done by that Lord Zhan? What on earth is he thinking?


His tone carried anger and also slight terror.

Such a deranged thing to do and yet someone had actually done it!