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Chapter 2364: Blood Moon Great Array (6)

Cang Po Jun shook his head instead and said, “Divine Doctor Liu, you put it across too simply. The question is where are we going to escape to?”

Speaking of this question, everyone turned their hopeful gazes onto Huang Yueli.

She was a ninth ranked Armament Master with outstanding ability and every single time she was able to aid everyone in leaving the precarious situation so this time… it shouldn’t be an exception right?

However, meeting everyone’s gazes, Huang Yueli started to frown and didn’t speak out for a long time.

Finally, Liu Buuyan couldn’t help but asked, “Junior Sister, what’s the current situation? Do you feel that… we can find a way to leave this place?”

Huang Yueli sighed and shook her head, “Today, we’re probably in deep trouble! It won’t be that easy to want to leave this place!”

Hearing even her saying that, everyone’s expression crumbled.

Cang Po Jun asked, “Grandmaster Huang, surely not …right? Even you don’t have any idea? By right, since this blood pool is used to rear the red scorpions, then there would definitely be an entry and exit mechanism right? Otherwise after the red scorpions are reared, how will Lord Zhan and the others be able to take the scorpions away?”

Huang Yueli heard that and gave a bitter smile, “Guardian Jun, things aren’t that simple! Haven’t you felt that the Profound Energy exhaustion in your body is especially big and even if we just stand here and don’t move, it is slowly getting lost?”

Cang Po Jun was stunned as his attacking action took a pause and his expression changed abruptly!

Earlier he and Liu Buyan, Cang Po Hun trio had always been attacking those Weeping Soul Red Scorpions which were crawling over and there was only Huang Yueli who stood there hugging onto Li Moying not moving at all.

So the few of them naturally thought that their Profound Energy depletion was because they were constantly in a battle.

Only Huang Yueli, under the silent state, was able to sense clearly what was wrong, and because of that she felt even more terrified!

Liu Buyan’s expression also sunk gloomily, “Why did it turn out like this? This blood pool… could it be that it could absorb our Profound Energy?”

Huang Yueli pondered over this and spoke out her own deduction, “Earlier when we fell from the secret room above us, I barely heard Lord Zhan saying this was some Blood Moon Great Array and he even said that you ninth stage realm peak practitioners dropping down will definitely add on a lot of energy for the array…. According to my deduction, this blood pool and the surrounding pillars should be the so-called Blood Moon Great Array.”

Hearing that, everyone nodded their heads.

“That’s right, I also heard that earlier…. I thought that I had heard him wrongly!”

“What kind of array is this? Isn’t this a little too evil? Using these king of Weeping Soul Red Scorpions to suck living human’s blood, and it can even absorb our Profound Energy?”

Hearing the group’s questions, Huang Yueli thought for a moment and explained, “That’s not so, earlier I’ve observed the surrounding array patterns and pillars layout, this Blood Moon Great Array absorbing Profound energy is only the outlying array patterns effect. Thinking of that, once a practitioner is caught by Lord Zhan and thrown into this blood pool, the practitioner should still have battle power to kill those Weeping Soul Red Scorpions.”

“But later on, those practitioners totally hadn’t imagined that when they kill those red scorpions, the surrounding array will also absorb their Profound Energy at the same time and under the double effect of exhaustion, many practitioners would lose their battle power quickly. By then, the surrounding Weeping Soul Red Scorpions would all gather up and practitioners who had lost all their Profound Energy would not be able to fight against these red scorpions, and can only wait to be their fertilizer…..”