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Chapter 2361: Blood Moon Great Array (3)

Liu Buyan swept Cang Po Hun an eye with slight disdain and said, “To think you’re a ninth

stage realm practitioner! If this thing went up against a same levelled practitioner, it would still do but meeting against high levelled practitioners, there would be no use for it. Haven’t you seen Grandmaster Huang crushing it with just one finger?”

Cang Po Hun then came around this as he patted his chest exaggeratedly, heaving out a long


“It really is so…. Divine Doctor Liu, so you said that earlier just to scare me on purpose?”

Liu Buyan chuckled and said, “Scare you? What I said earlier is the truth, since when have I tried to scare you? But regarding the Weeping Soul Red Scorpion, there indeed is a horrifying rumour…”

Saying that, he paused for a moment as his elegant brows creased slightly.

Amidst the light, his handsome countenance seemed strangely cold.

Cang Po Hun stared at him as he spoke out cautiously, “Divine Doctor Liu, why have you

stopped again? What on earth are you trying to say, can you just say it all out at once? You acting startled like this, my heart really can’t take much of your scares!”

Liu Buyan muttered to himself and said, “I had once read from a medical book which had

been passed down from the ancient times and it says that if the Weeping Soul Red Scorpion sucks a high levelled practitioner’s blood until a certain limit, it will keep on increasing in its tier and once it reaches ninth tier, it will undergo a second mutation to become a Demonised Soul Red Scorpion. This kind of red scorpion no longer feeds on a practitioner’s blood, but… the practitioner’s spiritual root!”

“Spiritual root??” Huang Yueli was stunned and immediately asked in puzzlement, “Feeds on

the practitioner’s spiritual root? How is that possible? No matter how powerful a Divine Doctor is, there is no way to separate the spiritual root from a practitioner’s body. Then this Demonised Soul Red Scorpion…. Is it able to do that?”

Regarding the practitioner’s spiritual root saying, it was just a kind of myth that each practitioner’s innate talent was mainly decided based on one’s innate spiritual root.

If the practitioner’s spiritual root was drawn away, then those people would immediately be unable to cultivate and become crippled, and moreover there was a ninety nine percent chance that they would lose their life on the spot.

But even though there was this myth, no one had ever been able to find the physical spiritual root from a practitioner’s body and no one had even been able to draw the spiritual root to cripple their enemy’s cultivation.

Liu Buyan first nodded his head but later on, he shook his head.

“This is just a myth and I don’t know if it’s true or not. Anyway according to what the book states, the Demonised Soul Red Scorpion was able to draw out the practitioner’s spiritual root while that person is alive, and even store it in its body. It was said that during ancient times, there were some evil practitioners who practiced demonic arts in God Realm and they would refine this kind of Demonised Soul Red Scorpions which swallowed one’s spiritual roots into pills…”

“Pills??” Even the most steady Cang Po Jun, upon hearing Liu Buyan’s words, had a ghastly expression on his face, “”This… what pill can be refined out from this? Can it be eaten? If one were to eat it, wouldn’t it be equivalent to eating a living person?”

Liu Buyan replied solemnly: “Exactly so! Too bad, that medical book only introduced this method very briefly and did not list out the prescription. It was written that those who did such utterly heartless things, even if it was in God Realm it was also considered as a matter which no one could accept and once they were discovered, anyone could put them to death! Only those extremely evil minded demonic people would do such a thing…”

Hearing Liu Buyan’s introduction, everyone fell into silence.

Even though Liu Buyan had reiterated once again that this was only a myth which the ancient book had recorded, but the group all still felt terrified by this