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Chapter 2360: Blood Moon Great Array (2)

“The stench of blood?”

When the group heard that, they looked at each other in dismay but immediately following that, their expressions underwent a change.

They took a whiff carefully, suddenly realising that what Liu Buyan said was right and there indeed was a rather thick stench of blood wafting in the air.

Only thing was when the group dropped down earlier, they were slightly panic-stricken hence they didn’t notice this earlier.

Huang Yueli’s expression was grave, “The stench of blood here is very thick! Earlier, when Moying and I were in the secret room upstairs, we could indistinctly smell a faint stench of blood and now that I think back, it should have come from this place?”

“What?” The group’s expressions all changed.

Although everyone present were all strong practitioners and were used to seeing blood, but right now under this circumstance, to be trapped in such a dark room which was filled with stench of blood, no matter how one thought, it just made them feel uneasy.

Liu Buyan looked pensive as he spoke out, “Then…. The stench of blood, where did it come from?”

Huang Yueli took a deep breath, “Perhaps… just behind you?” She pointed towards Liu Buyan’s back.

Liu Buyan almost jumped up in shock as he hurriedly turned around and the others all started to look over towards the direction where Huang Yueli’s finger was pointing towards.

Behind the group, they could faintly see a ball of faint light which glowed on and off in the darkness.

Whereas the thick stench of blood smell seemed to come from the same direction along with the wind.

Liu Buyan frowned as his expression was filled with worries, “This… this situation doesn’t seem very wise, what place is this? Somehow it feels extremely dangerous?”

Huang Yueli was much more composed as she replied, “Everyone let’s head over and take a look.”

Cang Po Jun hurriedly persuaded her not to do so when he heard that, “Grandmaster Huang, don’t! You’d better stay here and look after Sovereign! We will head over with Divine Doctor Liu to scout the way and if there’s nothing major then we’d come back to pick you up. This place is simply too strange and there might possibly be danger in front so it’s better for the both of you to not act recklessly…”

Huang Yueli raised up one hand to cut him off, “Guardian Jun, I appreciate your kind intentions. But the place that we are standing at now is really not very safe…”

Saying that, her right hand suddenly pointed at the ground and a burst of fiery flame shot out from her fingertip!

A shrill cry was heard and the crowd lowered their heads to see an entirely blood red scorpion burnt to death on the ground by Huang Yueli.

Moreover, this scorpion was split into two halves by her Profound Energy and the portion where the body had split up, a large amount of blood actually splattered out!

In an instance, the stench of blood filled everyone’s nostrils.

Cang Po Hun covered his nose and took a step back in disdain, “This… what is this?? Red Scorpion? How come it seems a little… a little disgusting?”

Liu Buyan replied gruffly, “This is a mutated species of the Red Scorpion, the Weeping Soul Red Scorpion and is extremely rarely seen. It is rumoured that it specially sucks human’s blood and moreover, it specially sucks blood from the living and once it sets its sight on a target, either it will suck up all the blood from the living person or the Red Scorpion’s body will explode from being unable to accommodate so much blood. Other than that, you can forget about getting it off from you.”

“What the, this is terrifying! Luckily Grandmaster Huang’s eyes are sharp enough and had spotted it in time otherwise if we were bitten by this thing, wouldn’t we be finished?” Cang Po Jun shuddered as he looked at the ground in high alert, scanning everywhere as he was deeply afraid of the second Weeping Soul Red Scorpion appearing.