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Chapter 2359: Blood Moon Great Array (1)

Earlier, everyone present placed their attention on Li Moying who had suddenly fainted.

Although everyone knew that they must defend against Lord Zhan, but Lord Zhan was seriously injured back then and even if it was a sneak attack, it was not possible to injure Liu Buyan and the other top exponents so everyone had not placed too much emphasis on defence.

Whoever knew that the other party still had this move, to snatch the chance first to activate the next layer’s mechanism, to trap them in this place.

Cang Po Hun refused to get up and was still kneeling on the ground when Cang Po Jun pulled him up and spoke out in a gloomy voice, “Alright, now is not the time to beg for forgiveness. Listen to Grandmaster Huang and let’s think of a way out first before considering other things, Sovereign’s illness cannot be delayed!”

Cang Po Hun despondently nodded his head as he stood up.

Cang Po Jun was after all the oldest and he had even stood in for Sovereign for Blue Profound Sect for many years so his character was much more steady.

He thought over for a moment when his eyes lit up and spoke out, “Right, Divine Doctor Liu, where’s the map that Grandmaster Huang gave us earlier? Is it still with you? Let’s take it out quickly and study it, to see how we should leave this place!”

Liu Buyan heard that and immediately lit up a few balls of fire as it illuminated the surroundings.

Following that, he took out a map which was made out of a single horn rhinoceros’s skin.

After a while, Liu Buyan frowned and said, “This… could it be that I’m seeing this wrongly? Why do I feel that this map totally doesn’t indicate the room which we are currently in?”

Cang Po Jun too revealed a puzzled expression, “That’s right, earlier we fell down from the secret room above our heads so it should be this room but there is totally no indication of any space below that secret room…. the place we are now in, shouldn’t exist at all right?”

Huang Yueli originally was hugging Li Moying as she transmitted Profound Energy into his body to help stabilise his primordial spirit, hence she didn’t join the trio’s discussion.

On hearing this, she couldn’t help but stood up as she walked over and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Liu Buyan sighed and passed the map to her, “Junior Sister, take a look for yourself? The place that we are now in is totally not on the map at all! What on earth is going on? Could it be that this map that you have is not complete?”

Huang Yueli heard that and took the map from him as she spread it out on the ground and checked on it in extreme detail from head to toe.

She had entered the Snow Phoenix Palace twice and researched the Underground Palace’s various mechanisms in detail and was the one who understood the Snow Phoenix Palace the most and when paired with this map, by rights, she should easily find the way out.

But this time round, she looked left and right at the map and after looking at it for a long while, she had no choice but to admit that what Liu Buyan said was right.

The position where they were currently in, totally was not marked out at all!

“This… is really strange! This map is something that I had retrieved from the secret room where I found the Remote Transient Secret Fire and had conveniently brought it along. It was stored in such a seclusive room so the authenticity of this map is absolutely no issue… but it actually isn’t complete…”

Huang Yueli’s elegant brows creased slightly as her heart was feeling puzzled.

A room that popped out of nowhere which wasn’t marked on a Snow Phoenix Palace’s topography map…. what on earth was this used for?

Just as she was extremely bewildered, Liu Buyan’s expression suddenly turned solemn as he stood upright.

“Not right….. the air here isn’t right! Do you smell the blood stench?”