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Chapter 2358: Obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid (6)

Huang Yueli’s heart thumped hard and hurriedly turned her head back, just in time to see Li Moying slowly falling onto the ground.

She quickly pounced over to hold onto him, “Moying, Moying!! You… what’s the matter with you??”

Li Moying’s face was ghastly pale and his eyes were tightly shut without any response.

Huang Yueli’s fingers shakingly stretched to the front of his nostrils only to realise that although his breathing is very weak, but was still regulated and she heaved a sigh of relief.

Liu Buyan walked over in quick steps as he bent down in front of Li Moying to take his pulse.

Not too long later, his brows creased tightly, “Damn it, how did this happen! His Soul Detachment Illness has acted up again and moreover, it’s even more dangerous than the last time! This time, we can’t use the golden needles to suppress it any longer and if we aren’t able to cure him within seven days, even if he doesn’t die, he will also become an idiot! By then no one will be able to save him!”

“What??” Huang Yueli’s face flushed a shade of white.

Cang Po Jun cried out in shock as well, “How did this happen? Divine Doctor Liu, are you certain you didn’t diagnose wrongly? Last time you said that after Sovereign took your medicinal pill, his illness will not act up within a short period of time and moreover, he even has the Claret Bracelet on him…”

“Pills and Profound Armaments are not invincible!” Liu Buyan replied gruffly, cutting him off, “But Li Moying he had forcibly used the secret technique to raise his cultivation, I believe it is to cross hands with that whatever Lord Zhan! Back then when he was in peak condition, after he used this secret technique, his cultivation dropped but now with this kind of condition…. He’s really lucky that the Claret Bracelet is of use since he didn’t die on the spot!”

Saying that, he stood up, “No way, we can’t drag on any longer! Luckily we have already gotten the Bipolar Black Orchid. Let’s quickly leave this place, I have to immediately find a place to refine the Purified Pill…”

“Alright! I’ll go activate the mechanism!”

Huang Yueli stuffed Li Moying into Liu Buyan’s arms and sprung up from the floor.

Just at the moment she stood up, the ground started shaking violently.

Following that, the original tidy ground started to split into two parts and those few standing right in the centre were not prepared as they all descended downwards!

“What the, what’s the situation now??” Liu Buyan couldn’t help but shouted out loudly.

In response to him was Lord Zhan’s arrogant mad laughs, from above his head.

“Hahaha, you few… did you really think that you could leave the Snow Phoenix Palace with the Bipolar Black Orchid? Simply daydreaming! This is This Seat’s place so how can I allow you to come and go as you wish? So what if you have gotten the Bipolar Black Orchid? You all can forget about leaving this place! All turn into fertilisers for this Blood Moon Spell! Ninth stage realm peak fertilisers… This Seat is using this for the very first time, I’m sure it will inject a lot of energy for the spell? Hahahaha!”

Amid his sharp and strange long laugh, the group had already fallen into the bottom later of the ground.

The upper layer’s ground slowly closed up which isolated Lord Zhan’s laughs on the outside.

Not knowing why, this level of the ground was very soft and the few of them were practically unhurt.

The minute they landed onto the ground, Cang Po Hun immediately knelt down and asked for forgiveness from Huang Yueli with an ashamed look on his face, “Grandmaster Huang, it’s all This Subordinate’s negligence, assuming that fellow had totally lost the ability to resist against us and had not kept a tight watch on him hence allowing him to have the chance to activate the mechanism…..”

Huang Yueli bit her lips and shook her head, “Get up, we are all responsible. There’s no point saying all these now, let’s first think of a way to get out of here.”