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Chapter 2356: Obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid (4)

Lord Zhan was assaulted from both frontal and rear sides and his expression changed abruptly in an instant!

However, he was already injured from the sneak attack earlier and right now, his abdomen and back were filled with enemies hence he was simply unable to guard both sides.

Numerous ninth stage realm peak practitioner’s Profound Energy struck out at the same time and his body shook violently as blood started to spurt out!

Immediately following that, his eyes widened and he clutched his chest and looked towards his rear.

He saw the entrance of a mechanism opening behind him and out walked three tall figures.

“You all… it’s actually the three of you! How could this be? Haven’t you three already fallen into the mechanism? How can you suddenly pop out like this??” Lord Zhan’s eyes stared at the three of them in disbelief as his body shook slightly, the shock on his face exhibited his feelings in his speech!

Liu Buyan took a step up and looked at Lord Zhan and then looked at Li Moying with a smile which wasn’t quite like a smile, “Tsk tsk, our Number One Top Exponent in Soaring Heavens Continent Sovereign Mu really does not live up to his name! If it wasn’t for the fact that This Divine Doctor had arrived in a timely manner, you are going to be in bad shape!”

Behind Liu Buyan, Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun walked up as well as they bowed respectfully towards Li Moying.

“Sovereign, Your Subordinates have arrived late, will Sovereign please forgive us.”

When Huang Yueli heard their voices, the action on her hands took a pause and she turned around in extreme joy, “Senior Brother, Guardian Jun, Guardian Hun! You’re finally here!”

Liu Buyan smiled joyfully, “What’s the matter? Senior Brother I, have appeared at a timely fashion right? Am I suave enough? Incisive enough? If it wasn’t for me, just relying on this young lad Li Moying, tsk tsk, he simply is unable to protect you alright?”

Li Moying’s face turned black as he gave Liu Buyan a hard stare and spoke out in an unhappy tone, “Timely? You call this timely? How do you have the cheek to say that? If it wasn’t for your dragging and had not arrived for such a long time, will I and Li’er need to go through such a thrilling experience? If you came slightly later and Li’er is heavily injured after she lands in this fellow’s hands, your life is simply not enough to pay for it.”

Liu Buyan gave a tsk and turned his head to look at him.

“I’m draggy? Disdain me for spending too much time? Have you got things wrong or what? Do you know how big this Underground Palace is? Although there’s the map which Junior Sister gave, but she circled out so many stored and we needed to look for it one after another to verify just where the item is hidden in! Moreover, there are so many guards at the places where the treasures are being kept and the three of us experienced a huge battle before we managed to snatch the Bipolar Black Orchid, did you think that we went for a stroll? You’re speaking about it so lightly!”

Upon hearing Liu Buyan’s words, Huang Yueli’s joy was reflected on her face as she couldn’t be bothered to go open the mechanism and immediately ran towards Liu Buyan.

“Senior Brother, you’ve found the Bipolar Black Orchid? Really? Is the medicinal effect preserved completely? Is it enough to refine into medicinal pills?”

Liu Buyan replied lazily, “Of course we’ve gotten it! With me, your Senior Brother around, what problem could there possibly be? Moreover, This Divine Doctor had not imagined that these fellows actually spent so much effort to lure you and Li Moying that they collected all the Bipolar Black Orchid in the market, and there are ten over stalks of it! No matter what medicinal pills we refine, there’s still a huge pile left!”

Saying that, Liu Buyan retrieved a huge medicinal box from his realm ring and brought it in front of Huang Yueli and lifted up the lid to show her.

A dense medicinal fragrance slowly dissipated out.

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards and kept on praising Liu Buyan, “Senior Brother, you’re simply incredible!”

Chapter 2357: Obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid (5)

However, this scene in Lord Zhan’s eye made his eyeballs almost pop out from staring at them too hard.

“This…this… how is it possible?? How are you guys able to obtain the Bipolar Black Orchid! This Seat had obviously hidden them in the most secretive secret room of all! Not right, where did you trio pop out from? Aren’t you already dead??”

Cang Po Hun heard that and looked at Lord Zhan whose face was as pale as paper and a smile of ridicule curled up around the edges of his lips.

“Lord Zhan, did you really thought that Grandmaster Huang and Sovereign would be so silly, to be coaxed by that dumba*s Meng Wan’er and just step into your trap? They agreed to meet you here, not to make you ease up on your alert but to delay the time!”

When Lord Zhan heard that, he first went into a blank then subsequently he seemed to have thought of something as he revealed a thoroughly shocked expression!

“You are saying… you mean to say… no… how is that possible?”

“Why is it not possible?” Cang Po Hun jeered, “You only know that Grandmaster had once entered this Underground Palace and I believe you don’t know that after she mistakenly entered the secret room today, she coincidentally received a map of this Snow Phoenix Palace right? Hence she secretly passed the map over to Divine Doctor Liu and even indicated the most possible locations of the stores which could hide the Bipolar Black Orchids and later on created a farce to pretend that we were trapped from accidentally triggering a mechanism but in actual fact, we had already escaped your line of sight, to secretly go seek for the Bipolar Black Orchid!”

Lord Zhan’s eyes popped out while he was still muttering “impossible” on his lips.

But in his heart, he had faintly understood that what Cang Po Hun said was true!

No wonder back then, when Liu Buyan and the others had absurdly disappeared after triggering the mechanism, he wasn’t able to find them at all!

Back then, Lord Zhan only felt that it was a little strange but as he was in a hurry to control Huang Yueli and Li Moying, he didn’t have any time to go bother about these stooges.

Anyway, from what Lord Zhan thought, he originally needed to worry about these few people’s battle power but now that they had disappeared from stepping into one of the mechanisms, it was like a god-sent gift to help him clear the obstacles!

Snow Phoenix Palace was filled with mechanisms and there wasn’t any high levelled Armament Master amongst them so even if he didn’t bother about them, they would step on the pathway to death sooner or later!

How could he possibly have imagined that these people had actually gotten an internal map of the Snow Phoenix Palace and even secretly went off to seek the Bipolar Black Orchid!

Now the trio not only managed to obtain the medicinal herb, they even managed to appear in time to join hands with Li Moying to defeat him!

After clearing his thoughts on the cause and effects, Lord Zhan’s face was totally twisted and he was so infuriated that he kept shaking.

“Damn it! Huang Yueli, you little slut, you’re simply too sinister and sly! You actually resorted to such an unscrupulous method! Do you know how to write the words ‘righteous’?

Huang Yueli folded her arms and raised her brows as she replied dimly, “Lord Zhan’s words have really overpraised me. You’re simply too humble, sinister and sly are words which I do not dare to take on, it should be offered to you instead! Anyway, today we ought to thank you for allowing us to obtain so many stalks of Bipolar Black Orchid today. We’ve really struck a small fortune! But we still have pressing matters and we don’t have the time to show our gratitude so we’ll make a move first!”

Saying that, Huang Yueli shot a gaze to Liu Buyan and the others, indicating for them to defeat Lord Zhan then leave!

But just at this moment, the man beside her suddenly staggered.