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Chapter 2357: Obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid (5)

However, this scene in Lord Zhan’s eye made his eyeballs almost pop out from staring at them too hard.

“This…this… how is it possible?? How are you guys able to obtain the Bipolar Black Orchid! This Seat had obviously hidden them in the most secretive secret room of all! Not right, where did you trio pop out from? Aren’t you already dead??”

Cang Po Hun heard that and looked at Lord Zhan whose face was as pale as paper and a smile of ridicule curled up around the edges of his lips.

“Lord Zhan, did you really thought that Grandmaster Huang and Sovereign would be so silly, to be coaxed by that dumba*s Meng Wan’er and just step into your trap? They agreed to meet you here, not to make you ease up on your alert but to delay the time!”

When Lord Zhan heard that, he first went into a blank then subsequently he seemed to have thought of something as he revealed a thoroughly shocked expression!

“You are saying… you mean to say… no… how is that possible?”

“Why is it not possible?” Cang Po Hun jeered, “You only know that Grandmaster had once entered this Underground Palace and I believe you don’t know that after she mistakenly entered the secret room today, she coincidentally received a map of this Snow Phoenix Palace right? Hence she secretly passed the map over to Divine Doctor Liu and even indicated the most possible locations of the stores which could hide the Bipolar Black Orchids and later on created a farce to pretend that we were trapped from accidentally triggering a mechanism but in actual fact, we had already escaped your line of sight, to secretly go seek for the Bipolar Black Orchid!”

Lord Zhan’s eyes popped out while he was still muttering “impossible” on his lips.

But in his heart, he had faintly understood that what Cang Po Hun said was true!

No wonder back then, when Liu Buyan and the others had absurdly disappeared after triggering the mechanism, he wasn’t able to find them at all!

Back then, Lord Zhan only felt that it was a little strange but as he was in a hurry to control Huang Yueli and Li Moying, he didn’t have any time to go bother about these stooges.

Anyway, from what Lord Zhan thought, he originally needed to worry about these few people’s battle power but now that they had disappeared from stepping into one of the mechanisms, it was like a god-sent gift to help him clear the obstacles!

Snow Phoenix Palace was filled with mechanisms and there wasn’t any high levelled Armament Master amongst them so even if he didn’t bother about them, they would step on the pathway to death sooner or later!

How could he possibly have imagined that these people had actually gotten an internal map of the Snow Phoenix Palace and even secretly went off to seek the Bipolar Black Orchid!

Now the trio not only managed to obtain the medicinal herb, they even managed to appear in time to join hands with Li Moying to defeat him!

After clearing his thoughts on the cause and effects, Lord Zhan’s face was totally twisted and he was so infuriated that he kept shaking.

“Damn it! Huang Yueli, you little slut, you’re simply too sinister and sly! You actually resorted to such an unscrupulous method! Do you know how to write the words ‘righteous’?

Huang Yueli folded her arms and raised her brows as she replied dimly, “Lord Zhan’s words have really overpraised me. You’re simply too humble, sinister and sly are words which I do not dare to take on, it should be offered to you instead! Anyway, today we ought to thank you for allowing us to obtain so many stalks of Bipolar Black Orchid today. We’ve really struck a small fortune! But we still have pressing matters and we don’t have the time to show our gratitude so we’ll make a move first!”

Saying that, Huang Yueli shot a gaze to Liu Buyan and the others, indicating for them to defeat Lord Zhan then leave!

But just at this moment, the man beside her suddenly staggered.