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Chapter 2355: Obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid (3)

Lord Zhan’s figure shifted sideways as the Profound Energy that was routed earlier had once again congealed into a ray of fire dragon.

This time, the surging Profound Energy was much purer and thicker than before!

Li Moying stood on his original spot and he could even sense the energy in the air which had gathered towards that ray of fire dragon!

His senses instantly became grave and every inch of his body was accumulating power just waiting to be unleashed!

He knew very clearly that this Snow Phoenix Palace was after all Lord Zhan’s territory and being engaged in a battle at a place like this was an absolute disadvantage to himself!

Even if the both of them had equal ability, Lord Zhan would still easily gain the advantage, as though he was executing some sort of cabala, condensing his energy.

Li Moying knew that things weren’t going well and he knew that he could not allow him to continue accumulating his power to his peak form so he must grab the opportunity first and strike out!

His figure moved and a faint purple blinding electric current surfaced in front of him…

Just at this moment, a wave of dizziness flashed in his mind…

This feeling was just too familiar and Li Moying’s heart jumped, as he knew that he was about to reach his limit after using the secret technique to forcibly raise his battle prowess.

He could not stop at his moment, otherwise he might really die…

However, he already had no other choice and right now at this moment, how could he possibly take a step back?

Li Moying bit the tip of his tongue and suppressed the dizziness in his head as he took another step forward and prepared to strike!

But his mind suddenly buzzed and immediately, bouts of pain attacked his mind which made him unable to control the Profound Energy in his body…

“Damn it!” Li Moying cursed softly as he forcibly coagulated a little of his Profound Energy as he struck out towards Lord Zhan!

But this bit of strength was evidently not enough to go up against Lord Zhan.

Lord Zhan gave a cold scoff, “What? Just this bit of endurance? Are you trying to scratch This Seat’s itch? Take this!”

The fire sparks rose dramatically!

Li Moying shut his eyes as his heart seemed to have fallen into despair!

The only choice left… was to do what Huang Yueli did in her past life, to self-explode his primordial spirit!

Based on his powerfully strong soul, he should be able to kill Lord Zhan directly on the spot and if Huang Yueli had good luck, she should be able to escape from this place…

He only wished that she would not be silly and insisted on dying with him…

Li Moying’s thoughts took a turn and he made preparations to die.

Just at this moment…

Lord Zhan’s fire dragon in his hand detonated in an instance and suddenly turned dim.

Li Moying was dazed as he lifted his eye and took a look and heard Lord Zhan’s body swaying and after that, spitting out a mouthful of blood!

He howled hysterically, “Who is that? Get…. out…. this instant!!”

However, no one answered him but from not too far away, there was an indiscernible explosion of Profound Energy sound being heard and the fluctuations of the Profound Energy in the air also became a little strange.

When Li Moying saw that, his spirit perked up and suddenly thought of something, “Could it be that…. they’ve already succeeded??”

He didn’t have time to think in detail and could only make a judgement in the split second as he used up all his determination to suppress the splitting pain in his mind to readjust the remaining Profound Energy in his body, as he struck towards Lord Zhan’s acupoint!


Just at the moment when Li Moying struck, behind Lord Zhan also roared out in rage!

Following that were numerous bursts of strong Profound Energy attacks!