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Chapter 2354: Obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid (2)

“Let me out, let me out this minute! Wretched lass, just you wait and see! I will immediately leave this place and will absolutely not let you off!”

Lord Zhan’s arrogant cries rang intermittently.

Li Moying stood near the iron cage and was on high alert as he prepared to receive Lord Zhan’s attack any moment.

Under such a precarious situation, Huang Yueli was still able to maintain her cool as she stood in the middle of the room and after a moment of wrinkling her brows, her eyes suddenly lit up and she made a loud snap.

“Got it! So, I had not noticed the fine details earlier…”

Saying that, she turned towards Li Moying as she waved, “Moying, come over for a second. These two mechanisms over here need to be activated at the same time. Place your left hand over here and your right hand…. Then later inject your Profound Energy together at the same time and it must be equal, both sides must be the same…”

Huang Yueli lowered her voice as she instructed, her pair of watery big eyes totally didn’t blinked as she carefully observed Li Moying’s actions, fully prepared to correct his mistake.

On seeing that the iron cage would not last much longer, Huang Yueli knew her chances were not much and they must activate the mechanism successfully this time round!

Luckily, Li Moying understood Huang Yueli’s instructions easily and totally followed what she said without any mistake.

Huang Yueli’s face revealed a smile, “Right, right, right, exactly like this. That’s great, move over there a little, I’ll open up this lock and we will be able to…”

Just at this moment, in the corner where the iron cage was, a sudden “cling clang” rang and a deafening explosion rang!

The ground also started to shake vigorously.

Their faces changed at the same time, “Not good!”

Wasn’t that iron cage a little unreliable, being scrapped so quickly under Lord Zhan’s attacks!

Huang Yueli hastened the actions and exhausted all her energy in bid to decode the last mechanism.

Li Moying turned to his side and blocked Huang Yueli’s back.

Just at the moment when he turned around, Lord Zhan who had finally escaped howled furiously and an extremely scorching heated flame attacked towards them.

“Prepare to die! This Seat wants to see where else can the both of you escape to!”

Li Moying gave a cold harrumph as the Profound Energy worked up and he went up ahead to meet with Lord Zhan!

Two bursts of pure overbearing Profound Energy crashed against each other and caused an earth shattering quake!

Huang Yueli was shaken so much that she practically was unable to stabilise herself. Moreover, two bursts of Profound Energy’s remnant waves also flushed towards her back!

Huang Yueli stood there without moving as she allowed the remnant Profound Energy waves to hit against her back, causing a wave of intense pain in her internal organs, almost spitting out blood on the spot!

However, her hand was exceptionally stable as she totally did not shake, nor was there any moment of pauses as she kept on controlling the mechanism.

She knew what was most important right now and even if she had to risk getting seriously injured, she must activate the underground palace’s path at the very first moment because this was their only chance to escape!

Whereas Lord Zhan was originally filled with confidence and assumed that this sudden attack would cause Huang Yueli and Li Moying to be seriously injured.

Whoever knew that Li Moying’s reaction was actually that swift!

Not only had he taken on his 100% strongest strike, moreover it even made him retreat back by ten over steps!

Lord Zhan finally managed to steady his heel and his expression turned even more horrendous, “Good, good! Indeed the Number One Top Exponent Mu Chengying in Soaring Heavens Continent and even until now, you are still able to fight evenly with This Seat! Since you’re so incredible, take on this move from This Seat once more!”