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Chapter 2352: Intention revealed (6)

On seeing that Lord Zhan had already stretched out his right hand, stretching out towards Huang Yueli’s back to catch her, Li Moying’s heart almost stopped!

Suddenly, just as Lord Zhan’s pale white fingers were about to touch Huang Yueli, she suddenly took a side step and nudged towards the side.

Not knowing if it was coincidental or intentional, anyway she had just nicely avoided Lord Zhan’s Profound Skill.

This simply was out of Lord Zhan’s expectations as he couldn’t help but blank out momentarily, although it was only just less than a breath’s time.

However, it was exactly this short duration when he suddenly sensed the wall above his head shook.

Alarm bells kept ringing in his mind!

Lord Zhan subconsciously felt something was amiss and immediately wanted to retreat.

But it was already too late. The wall above his head abruptly broke apart and a shower of bitter cold sharp arrow tips shot out towards him!

The speed of these arrows were extremely swift and the tip of the arrow was even shimmering with a bluish green glint, apparently laced with poison and moreover, the quantity was simply too much!

Even for someone with Lord Zhan’s ninth stage realm peak ability, he was also caught off guard.

Lord Zhan hurriedly escaped to his left and right and at the same time used his Profound Energy to deflect the flying arrows!

Continuously deflecting the arrows, it took a total of twenty breaths before it finally stopped.

Lord Zhan was indeed a top rated peerless top exponent in Soaring Heavens Continent. Under such a pressing situation, he was still able to successfully deflect away a large majority of arrows to successfully escape his predicament and other than a few abrasions, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

However, right before he had time to take a breather, there was another mechanical sound emitted from behind him.

Lord Zhan subconsciously moved and saw a huge cage descending from the top through his peripheral vision, dropping down towards his head.

His reaction was extremely swift and instantly moved aside to evade it but he forgot that his opponent was not only Huang Yueli, Li Moying was also eyeing him, on the sidelines.

Just as Lord Zhan swiftly evaded sideways, Li Moying struck out a burst of Profound Energy, striking him right on his chest.

Lord Zhan’s defence was extremely high and this kind of attack totally was of no danger to him, and the possibility of injuring him was not high as well so it was impossible to cause him any serious injury.

But he was still pushed backwards by several steps via Li Moying’s vigorous Profound Energy.

These few mere steps, if it was usual times, would be of no effect towards him but right now, it exactly made him fall into the range of the iron cage.

A loud “clang” was heard and the iron cage dropped onto the ground and just nicely trapped Lord Zhan right in the middle.

For one instance, Lord Zhan hadn’t regained his senses in time as everything happened too suddenly and he simply could not believe what exactly had happened.

After a few breaths, he then jumped up with a rude shock, “Damn it! Huang Yueli, you crafty and sinister little slut! You actually…. Actually used such a sinister method to use the mechanism and trap This Seat!”

Huang Yueli actually was profusing badly as well, as the back of her dress was totally drenched in sweat.

The situation earlier was simply too pressing and it was not even enough to describe it as hanging on thin thread.

If her reaction was slightly slower, as long as she took a wrong step by a little, the current her would probably have landed into Lord Zhan’s demonic claws by now, moaning miserably under his torturous moves.

Huang Yueli took a deep breath and the expression on her face did not reflect the flusteredness she experienced earlier.

On the contrary, she slowly dug her ear with a finger, “I’m an Armament Master so of course I must use Armament Masters’ ways, how is this considered as sinister? Moreover speaking, you snuck an attack on a frail lady like me, aren’t you considered sinister?”