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Chapter 2353: Obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid (1)

“Huang Yueli, you… how dare you! Did you think that you will be able to trap me with this sort of mechanism?? Let This Seat out immediately otherwise when This Seat manages to leave this cage, I will definitely debone and skin you alive then crush your primordial spirit bit by bit!”

Lord Zhan was so infuriated that he knocked hard against the iron cage’s bars but those bars were made out of the ninth tiered material Eclipse Steel Cast and was extremely solid but going up against this kind of peerless top exponent like Lord Zhan, it gave off bursts of sounds of impact and started to vibrate.

The resounding banging noises were extremely ear piercing and adding on to Lord Zhan’s chilly threats, it made one tremble right from the heart.

Li Moying’s expression sank and his sleeve moved slightly as he hurled a burst of electric current towards Lord Zhan.

A loud “whoosh” was heard and a streak of lightning exploded right in front of the iron cage as Profound Energy shot around the surroundings and sparks burst forth!

Li Moying brows creased suddenly and he wrapped his hand around Huang Yueli’s waist as he led her backwards.

“This iron cage, actually…. rebounded my attack??” Li Moying simply had not imagined that this sort of thing had happened. If he had reacted a little slower, perhaps his Li’er might have been injured by the rebounded thunder attributed Profound Energy.

Huang Yueli, however, remained composed, “You don’t know, this iron cage is made out of Eclipse Steel Cast and not only is it solid, it can also isolate Profound Energy attacks, mainly to prevent the strong practitioners who are trapped in the cage from attacking people outside…”

Her underlying meaning was that, people like Li Moying, who did the reverse to stand outside and attack the person in the iron cage, was simply too rarely seen.

Li Moying was rendered speechless as his sword brows creased together, “In this case, we still haven’t got any way to deal with this fellow?”

Lord Zhan had been trapped inside the iron cage and kept on crashing against the bars and powerful Profound Energy hitting against the cage made loud crashing sounds!

Under this kind of attack, even if it was a mechanism made out of Eclipse Steel Iron, it looked as though it wasn’t very stable…

Based in Li Moying’s judgement, the iron cage could only trap Lord Zhan for the time moment and he feared that not too long later, he would be able to escape from there! So, they could only take this opportunity to get rid of him, which would be the safest option!

However, they had unfortunately met with this difficult problem…

Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “This is very hard to do. If you forcibly attack the iron cage, it will only make the eclipse steel cast be damaged even sooner, and that would instead aid Lord Zhan to escape earlier! The only thing we can do now is to quickly find a way to leave the Snow Phoenix Palace, and leave her immediately!”

Li Moying nodded his head, “What you say is right, what should we do now?”

Huang Yueli said, “The mechanisms here are a little complicated and I’ve roughly run through them earlier and have a little idea but these mechanisms require powerful Profound Energy before it can be activated so you must help me.”

Li Moying naturally had no objections as he quickly followed his own fiancee and started to follow her instructions to inject his Profound Energy to activate the mechanisms.

However, this secret room’s mechanisms were simply too complex and even if it was Huang Yueli who took action, she attempted several times and still had not succeeded.

In the corner of the room, Lord Zhan’s crashing impact against the iron cage grew louder and louder, and more and more vigorous!

Perhaps it was because being trapped in this small cubic sized iron prison which invigorated Lord Zhan’s rampaging characteristics, he reached an almost insane state of unleashing his Profound Energy.

Even if there was such a solid eclipse steel cast between them, Huang Yueli was still able to sense that scorching hot fire-attributed energy which was close to the point of explosion!