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Chapter 2351: Intention revealed (5)

Moreover, after Li Moying had lost his battle power, the two of them would land into Lord Zhan’s hands.

By then, what awaited for them would be an ending which was a hundred times worse than death…

So she must pick herself up, and she must find a way to help Li Moying, to defeat Lord Zhan!

However, it looked to be a daunting task that was almost impossible …

Huang Yueli used her strength and bit the tip of her tongue.

An intense pain spread and at the same time, the taste of blood instantly filled her entire mouth.

This kind of strange taste, instead made her sober up a little.

Huang Yueli managed to focus and tried hard to think of the next step to find a way out…..

Since she didn’t have enough ability to cut into Li Moying and Lord Zhan’s battle, then she shall exhibit her advantage of an Armament Master!

In the battle, Li Moying and Lord Zhan had already exchanged more than a hundred over moves in just a brief moment.

Li Moying’s dark coloured long robe and his pressing handsome looking face was cold and emotionless but his moves were fast as lightning, totally not at a disadvantage.

After Lord Zhan had recovered from his initial shock, he was slowly getting accustomed to Li Moying’s attack rhythm and he cackled several laughs coldly.

“Ha ha, you almost gave This Seat a shock, I thought that Sovereign Mu had regained your past life’s potential! Looks like you must have used some secret technique to raise your cultivation eh? You really don’t want your life! Based on your current illness, this… are you preparing to die?”

Li Moying didn’t reply to him but spent all his effort in attacking, as he congealed the Profound Energy from his entire body and a powerful energy, as though it was going to topple the mountains and overturn the seas came surging outwards!

Ever since his rebirth, he had not experienced such powerful strength for many years!

Actually, in the abyss of his inner heart, he missed this feeling fondly!

Ever since the moment he executed this secret technique, actually he was already prepared to die!

Only thing was in the last moment of his life, to be able to resume his past life’s potential, to disregard everything recklessly yet at the same time being able to save his beloved woman…. This filled his heart with a feeling of satisfaction…

Thunder attributed energy was originally the most invasive kind of attribute and Li Moying was carrying a determined heart to die as he charged ahead.

Under his full onslaught, Lord Zhan who had been most confident in his defensive skills had turned exceptionally brittle.

Not too long later, he was beaten up into a sorry state, and there were several times when he was not able to evade in time, as he was injured by Li Moying’s electric currents!

“Damn it!” Having once again been struck by Li Moying’s attack, after he almost lost his right leg, Lord Zhan’s expression turned extremely horrifying and sinister, “Damn it! It has been ten over years and no one had been able to injure This Seat! Mu Chengying, you’re indeed great!”

“But the more delighted you are now, later on you’d be the most miserable. This Seat wants to see just how long are you able to persist on? After your Profound Energy has been exhausted, sooner or later you will fall into This Seat’s hands and by then I want to play around with your woman in front of you, to make you suffer a fate worse than death!”

“Looking for death!”

Li Moying’s eyes flashed past a bitter cold glint as his moves became even sharper than before.

Lord Zhan was forced backwards and he finally could no longer endure as he clenched his teeth, “Alright, you forced This Seat to do this!”

Saying that, his attacks came to a halt and suddenly he skipped a step and flashed as he extended his body movements and charged towards Huang Yueli who was standing by the corner of the wall!

When Li Moying saw that, he was extremely shocked and immediately chased right behind him!

However, Lord Zhan’s speed was extremely swift and Huang Yueli’s back was facing them, as though she was totally defenceless.