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Chapter 2349: Intention revealed (3)

When Huang Yueli heard that, she frowned slightly and opened her mouth to speak, “I….”

However, she had merely said one word before she was cut off by Li Moying.

“Stop! Don’t listen to this kind of person sprouting rubbish! I’m willing to take whatever step for my woman, that’s my own matter and I don’t need anyone else to point fingers at us!”

Li Moying’s terror was never if Huang Yueli loved him deeply or not!

But he was afraid that Huang Yueli would be enticed by Lord Zhan and really agree to Lord Zhan’s conditions in order to exchange for the Bipolar Black Orchid to save him!

The moment he thought about Huang Yueli being tortured to death, just thinking about it made Li Moying feel as though he was going insane!

He was willing to pay the price to protect this woman, so that she could be reborn and absolutely not to let her go die once again!

Huang Yueli was stunned as she actually wasn’t able to say a single word for the moment!

Actually, she wanted to say that it wasn’t what Li Moying had imagined, but on seeing Li Moying acting so agitated, for a moment, she almost cried out!

Lord Zhan frowned slightly, apparently not expecting Li Moying to have such a response.

Although he already knew that the both of them had deep feelings for each other, but Li Moying had once experienced this in his past life… could it be that, he was still willing to experience it for the second time?

If the Bipolar Black Orchid wasn’t available, Li Moying’s outcome would be no different from in his past life!

Li Moying protected Huang Yueli to start confronting Lord Zhan, and at the same time he secretly transmitted a message to Huang Yueli, “Li’er, quickly think if you have any way to find the mechanism and the way out to leave the Snow Phoenix Palace? As an Armament Master and also having once been to this underground palace, you should have some sort of impression right? Later on, I’ll drag on to Lord Zhan and after you find the mechanism, leave immediately and I’ll naturally chase up to you…”

“No, you can’t!!” Huang Yueli was howling out in her mind, almost short of screaming on the spot!

“Have you gone mad! Based on your current ability, it’s just too much of a disparity against Lord Zhan! How long can you drag him for? Moreover, Senior Brother has also said that your situation looks as though it has been stabilised but if you really overexert yourself, there is a possibility of acting up once more. The next time it acts up, the consequence will be extremely serious! Don’t take the risk, let me do it. We can first pretend to cooperate with Lord Zhan, anyway it won’t be an easy task for him to obtain the Sky Phoenix Ring so he wouldn’t kill me so quickly…”

Huang Yueli persuaded with all her might, because this was the safest idea that she could think of.

Although Lord Zhan knew about their secret, but she had the confidence to be able to deal with him for a little more time.

They only needed… needed a little more time, perhaps… they would be saved!

However, Li Moying insisted on blocking himself in front of her, as his spine was straight like a sword, totally without any intention of wavering.

Lord Zhan looked at his gloomy cold face, and kept on unleashing his Profound Energy’s might and he finally revealed his malicious look.

“Sovereign Mu, This Seat had been talking about the good stuff, but you seem as though you don’t understand at all? If the both of you were to accept This Seat’s conditions, at least you alone will be able to continue living but if you reject and not cooperate, then This Seat still has the way to capture Huang Yueli, to retrieve the Sky Phoenix Ring! Based on your current ability, you’re absolutely not my match! You’ll die without a doubt!”

Li Moying’s lips curled up coldly, “Isn’t Lord Zhan a little overly confident! Whether I’m your match or not, we’ll only find out after we have a go!”

Lord Zhan’s expression sank as his Profound Energy around him instantly exploded!

“Since you insist on looking for death, then This Seat shall fulfill the both of you and let you two become a pair of ill fated mandarin ducks!”