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Chapter 2348: Intention revealed (2)

Lord Zhan met with Li Moying’s cold glint but seemed as though he had nothing to fear as he even started to laugh.

“Sovereign Mu, aren’t you a little too anxious, what’s this for? Hasn’t Grandmaster Huang already said that the Sky Phoenix Ring isn’t with her? Then let This Seat take a look, I guarantee that she wouldn’t even lose a strand of hair! Unless… the Sky Phoenix Ring is inside her primordial spirit!”

“If this was the truth, then all the more you should persuade Grandmaster Huang to pass the Sky Phoenix Ring to me! This Seat knows it clearly, that without the Bipolar Black Orchid, you will probably not last any longer and your illness will act up once again! Don’t blame This Seat for not reminding you, don’t think that the golden needles acupuncture had forcibly suppressed the focus of infection but the side effect of doing this would be the next time your illness acts up, it will be a hundred times more dangerous than before! By then, even if you don’t die, you will also turn into an idiot!”

Lord Zhan talked as though it was true and at the same time, he observed Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s expressions.

On seeing the both of them having a change of expression, he seemed to be a child who had succeeded in his prank and burst out laughing!

“Hahaha, so Sovereign Mu had better think through this carefully! No matter how valuable the Sky Phoenix Ring was, it is merely a worldly possession so how could it be more valuable than your life!”

Li Moying’s expression was cold as though he hadn’t wavered at all and his voice was as cold as ice.

“Does Lord Zhan treat me as an idiot? Or did you think that I can be so vile to use my woman’s life to exchange for my own?”

Lord Zhan was stunned, as though he hadn’t expected Li Moying to see that the trap in his words in one shot.

But immediately following that, the smile on his face became even more exaggerated, “Hahaha, indeed unable to hide from Sovereign Mu! Talking to an intelligent person indeed doesn’t waste any effort! Alright, This Seat shall not hide it from you both, in order to retrieve the Sky Phoenix Ring, Grandmaster Huang indeed needs to take a little risk but she might not necessarily die! Moreover, since you’re willing to share the same fate to go through life and death, that’s very good…”

Lord Zhan’s gaze shifted from Li Moying onto Huang Yueli’s face.

“Grandmaster Huang, hearing This Seat talk about all these, are you feeling touched? Sovereign Mu’s feelings towards you are so strong, willing to help you endure such pain! How could you bear to see him die with your own eyes? Sacrificing a little for him to exchange for him to continue living, isn’t it very worth it?”

“Or are your feelings towards Sovereign Mu not as deep as what he has towards you? So you’re not willing….”

“Shut up!” Li Moying barked out sharply!

He finally could no longer endure it as his Profound Energy around his body started to radiate out!

A piercing lightning glinted and charged towards Lord Zhan’s chest!

Lord Zhan’s potential was extraordinary and moreover, he had been guarding against Li Moying making a move.

So even though Li Moying had struck suddenly, he still barely evaded it.

The lightning grazed past Lord Zhan’s arm and left a deep gash on the palace’s wall.

Lord Zhan touched his sleeve that had been grazed but still continued talking, “Sovereign Mu, what are you trying to do? This Seat is thinking on your behalf! You’re not allowing me to finish my words, could it be that because I’ve stepped on your sore foot? Are you afraid to know if Grandmaster Huang doesn’t love you as deeply? Only caring about her own life?”

These words were simply like a hate speech to put something to death!

Based on Lord Zhan’s logic, Huagn Yueli only needed to sacrifice herself to retrieve the Sky Phoenix Ring, which would reflect her love towards Li Moying, otherwise she would be thought of as selfish!

After all, Li Moying had really died once for her, whereas now, it was Huang Yueli’s turn to prove herself!