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Chapter 2350: Intention revealed (4)

“Wait… wait a minute!”

Huang Yueli’s terrified scream was instantly drowned by Li Moying and Lord Zhan’s fluctuating vigorous Profound Energy storm.

She tried her best to transmit a message to Li Moying, “Moying, cool down a little, cool down a little! I guarantee that I will absolutely be alright, so can you listen to me please?”

However, Li Moying pretended as though he could not hear her.

Moreover, after he got annoyed by Huang Yueli’s cries, he just left a sentence to her, “Woman, be obedient and stay at the side!” After that he cut off the transmission between the both of them.

Huang Yueli almost fainted from fury from this!

This man… did he need to put on such a brave front? Didn’t he not know that what she was most afraid of was that his illness would act up once again and the two of them would once again be separated by life and death?

As long as there was a day which she could spend her life with him, she didn’t mind this momentary grievance!

Huang Yueli had not imagined that Li Moying’s thinking was completely opposite from hers.

Towards this overbearing man, if he wasn’t able to protect his own woman, he would rather die in a battle right here! As long as he had a breath left, he wouldn’t allow anyone to harm Huang Yueli!

Communication was ineffective and Li Moying suddenly flourished his sleeves!

A gust of extremely powerful Profound Energy surged outwards and curled itself up around Huang Yueli’s body.

Huang Yueli had totally not expected him to strike out against her and was caught unaware as she was sent flying by his move!

“Damn it! Mo… Moying, what are you doing??”

Huang Yueli flew out for a great distance and directly crashed against the wall before she fell down!

Luckily Li Moying used a precise amount of energy and the ground was layered with a thick fur rug hence she hadn’t fell badly, only rolling around for a few times in the air, as her brain was feeling bouts of dizziness.

She endured the feeling of throwing up and climbed back up but again met with another gust of powerful Profound Energy!

Just as Li Moying had swung out the move towards her at that instant, the two peerless strong exponents had already struck out at the same time, totally starting off the way without any reservations!

“Cough cough, cough cough…. Stop! Both of you stop!”

Huang Yueli wanted to head up to stop them but based on her seventh stage realm ability, she totally had no way to cut into Li Moying and Lord Zhan’s peak battle!

Their abilities had even surpassed common levelled ninth stage realm peak practitioners, pressing towards tenth stage realm!

This was the entire Soaring Heavens Continent’s top rated battle power!

Not only was she unable to cut in, even the remnant vibrations which kept seeping out from their battle had tormented Huang Yueli into an extremely sorry state!

Under the situation where two such powerful peerless top exponents kept unleashing their might, Huang Yueli found it hard to even breath and her chest was so painful that it felt as though it was about to explode, as she kept on coughing vigorously.

If it was any other seventh stage realm practitioner, they would absolutely not be able to even stand up, and they would probably have thrown up blood and lost consciousness.

However, Huang Yueli continued to hang in there, because she knew that she could not fall!

Li Moying’s current battle prowess seemed as though it was no different from that year but all this was just a false front. That man, in order to protect her, had once again forcibly used the secret method to raise his cultivation, which could momentarily display such powerful potential!

This kind of situation, not only could not last for long, moreover after a short duration of explosion, there would be serious side effects.

Even if it was under the condition when Li Moying was healthy in the past, his cultivation had directly fallen by one small realm.

Now, his primordial spirit’s damage has yet to be restored, so the result… was simply unimaginable!