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Chapter 2347: Intention revealed (1)

Surely not… what she was guessing in her mind right?

Huang Yueli suppressed the uneasiness in her inner heart as she spoke out coldly, “How come I don’t understand what Lord Zhan is talking about? What primordial spirit, what acknowledge as owner, I totally don’t know what’s going on! Looks like Moying and I are wrong in coming! Your distinguished self has absolutely no intention to give us the Bipolar Black Orchid from the very beginning!”

Huang Yueli stood up as she said that, “Since that is so, then there’s no need for us to stay on any longer in the Snow Phoenix Palace, goodbye!”

Lord Zhan saw her standing up and immediately stood up as well, blocking off her pathway.

“Grandmaster Huang, don’t be in a hurry to leave? Looking at how anxious you are, could it be that…. This Seat had really guessed it correctly?”

Huang Yueli’s face was still, “I only don’t wish to waste boundless time in haggling on with your distinguished self! Since you have no sincerity in cooperating, and only like to make wild guesses without any evidence, and neither is there any precedents, then don’t tell us that we’re still going to continue and waste more time with you here?”

Lord Zhan gave out a cold chuckle and following that, his laughter stopped abruptly, as his voice turned sinisterly cold.

“Grandmaster Huang, do you feel that This Seat doesn’t have any evidence when I said all these? Actually, it’s very simple if you want evidence, just let This Seat search your primordial spirit and we’ll know if it’s true or false! We Sacred Phoenix Race has a special kind of secret method which has been passed down from the ancient times and we are able to see if there’s any God Relic which has already been acknowledged inside your primordial spirit!”

“As for saying that This Seat is insincere…. This Seat had already said this long ago, if you want the Bipolar Black Orchid, then use the Sky Phoenix Ring to come exchange for it! If your primordial spirit indeed doesn’t have the Sky Phoenix Ring, then treat that it’s This Seat’s mistake but if there’s no Sky Phoenix Ring, then This Seat also couldn’t possibly give you the Bipolar Black Orchid! Of course, if you really have….. This Seat also has a way to get it out! As long as I get the Sky Phoenix Ring, then This Seat will definitely hand the Bipolar Black Orchid with both hands, what do the both of you think?”

Lord Zhan spoke frankly with assurance and just from listening to him saying all these, he indeed seemed very sincere.

However, in the middle of his words, Li Moying’s expression abruptly changed and he immediately stood up and blocked Huang Yueli behind his back.

His ageless good-looking face instantly surfaced an unconcealable murderous intent!

“You… what do you mean by that? God Relics which have already been acknowledged, don’t tell me that you can still get it out!”

He and Huang Yueli weren’t noobs who had just ventured out for the first time so naturally they wouldn’t believe in Lord Zhan’s brief description and thought that this matter was just like what he said, to use the Sky Phoenix Ring to exchange for the Bipolar Black Orchid, so easily and simple!

In actual fact, if they really had the Sky Phoenix Ring readily available in their hands, or if they knew about the whereabouts of the Sky Phoenix Ring, Huang Yueli wouldn’t mind handing over the God Relic, to exchange for the Bipolar Black Orchid. After all, in her mind, no matter what God Relic, it could not be compared to Li Moying’s life at all!

But the problem now was the Sky Phoenix Ring had already merged into her primordial spirit!

Wanted to retrieve it out? And also to separate the God Relic from it’s acknowledged owner??

Just using one’s toes and one would know that this matter…..was incomparably dangerous!

The terrifying part was, it would be easy if it simply took away Huang Yueli’s life. What would be possible was that there was a need to crush her primordial spirit while she was alive, in order to make the Sky Phoenix Ring return to its original state, to reacknowledge another owner…

The pain of a primordial spirit being shattered was ten thousand times more painful than being cut by a blade…

Those who had not experienced it, would not be able to understand this.

Li Moying did not even dare imagine the pain that Huang Yueli would suffer under this kind of situation!