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Chapter 2346: Where is the Sky Phoenix Ring? (6)

This kind of guess, made Huang Yueli feel faintly ill at ease.

But her rationality kept reminding her, telling her that this… absolutely was not possible…..

However, things were still developing towards the way which she didn’t want it to happen…

Lord Zhan put down his teacup as he straightened his body and kept away his frivolous attitude as he turned strict and callous.

“Grandmaster Huang, I’ll just say it outright then! Ever since the trip back from the Armament Guild, I had been thinking that if these places all don’t have the Sky Phoenix Ring, then where could it be? Don’t tell me that you really brought the Sky Phoenix Ring over to Lone Sky Summit that day but it’s only because I didn’t manage to find it?”

“This problem had been troubling me for the longest time ever and it was until one day, when I was in the Soaring Heavens Continents’ auction when I unintentionally auctioned for a few pieces of <> remnant pages.”

When Huang Yueli heard the three words “Drifting Cloud Scroll”, she immediately knew that things were going to be bad!

This whatever broken book which had been passed down from the ancient times actually recorded whatever secret there was inside and it really caused her to be in deep trouble!

Indeed, she heard what Lord Zhan said, “It was recorded in these remnant pages that in the ancient times, in God Realm, many powerful ultimate Sacred Weapons not only relied on blood for them to acknowledge their owner, and other than obtaining the God Relic spirit artifact’s acknowledgement, the owner must also separate out a portion of their primordial spirit to merge with the God Relic and only in this way would they truly be able to activate the God Relic, to give off the corresponding power! Whereas for the God Relic itself, it would also lose its original state, turning into a spiritual body as it lives within the owner’s primordial spirit.”

“These contents had reminded This Seat that back then when Grandmaster Huang self-exploded, your primordial spirit, together with your soul and spirit were scattered but from another angle, isn’t it to split up your primordial spirit into several parts and if a part of that was united with the Sky Phoenix Ring, wouldn’t that have completed the process of acknowledgement of owner? Moreover if the fragments of your soul was dissipated in the air for too long, it would disappear but if it adhered to the Sky Phoenix Ring, you will be able to rely on the God Relic’s power and stay on for a very long duration.”

Lord Zhan took a look at Li Moying and continued, “It’s exactly because of this reason so when Sovereign Mu executed the secret method, he was able to gain success! Because the scattered pieces of your soul is much more stable than usual! Hence This Seat wasn’t able to find the Sky Phoenix Ring, exactly because the God Relic had been summoned back by Sovereign Mu along with Grandmaster Huang’s primordial shattered pieces, and it is attached in the new body.”

“Grandmaster Huang, tell me…. is what This Seat is saying right?”

When Huang Yueli heard his words, her eyes popped out and she was dumbstruck as she couldn’t recollect her senses for a very long time.

She was no longer feeling awed because this simply was like lightning in broad daylight, striking her silly directly!

Lord Zhan’s words contained too much content and it was simply way too much!

Even she herself didn’t know why she was the only one who had gained success in ten thousand cases, the only one who succeeded in reincarnation from executing the secret method successfully.

Whereas Lord Zhan had already guessed the reason more or less!

As the person involved, she had no choice but to admit that Lord Zhan’s speculation was just too logical, and had so perfectly explained how she was able to reincarnate after her self-explosion and even the details of the Sky Phoenix Ring to acknowledge her as owner!

From the moment when she was reborn, the question which had been troubling her, suddenly opened up to a wide panorama!

However, Huang Yueli had just relaxed for just a breath’s time when she fell into an even greater terror!

Lord Zhan… he actually knew all these!

Then… what motive did he have, to bring them to this place?