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Chapter 2341: Where is the Sky Phoenix Ring? (1)

Lord Zhan looked at Li Moying but didn’t make any other action that might threaten them, instead he gave a faint smile.

“Sovereign Mu, aren’t you a little too nervous? Loosen up a little! Earlier I said this, the reason why I came to look for you guys today is just for you two to do me a little favour. As for inviting you to this Northern Ice Fields, it’s merely to verify your identity and there’s no malicious intent in it!”

There’d be a ghost if there wasn’t any malicious intent!

Li Moying naturally wouldn’t believe his gibberish but didn’t really squabble with him.

“Help? Lord Zhan has such great ability and also helms such a huge influence in Northern Ice Fields, what’s there that you cannot do? And what’s there for us to be able to help you with?”

Huang Yueli was listening by the side to their conversation as her brows were tightly knitted together.

Her heart was actually still pondering over what Lord Zhan had said earlier, that Li Moying had utilised an ancient secret method to summon back her soul which allowed her to reincarnate, but the person who utilised this skill would need to pay an extremely high price!

She wanted to know badly just what kind of price did Li Moying pay?

On seeing that Lord Zhan was prepared to reply to her, in the end, it was all overturned by Li Moying.

Based on Huang Yueli’s understanding of Li Moying, this man absolutely did that intentionally! The motive was to not let her find out the underlying truth behind all these.

Huang Yueli wanted to continue asking but Li Moying and Lord Zhan’s conversation was extremely swift and just within a few sentences and they had already entered today’s main today.

Under such a highly strung situation, she totally could not possibly interrupt them.

Just as Huang Yueli was in a daze, suddenly Lord Zhan’s gaze turned onto her.

“This matter, mainly depends on Grandmaster Huang, only Grandmaster Huang is able to help me!”

“Me?” Huang Yueli immediately regained her senses as her brows rose, “Lord Zhan, firstly I don’t think that based on my current seventh stage realm ability will be able to help a top rated exponent like you. Secondly, I don’t know what reason I have to help you? After all, you’re the one who caused my death in my past life!”

Lord Zhan looked at her with a composed look, “Of course you have a reason to help me, after all, you want to get the Bipolar Black Orchid, isn’t it?”

Huang Yueli was stunned as right at the moment when the Bipolar Black Orchid was mentioned, she totally lost all her temper.

As long as she was able to get the Bipolar Black Orchid and cure Li Moying, even if he wanted her life, she would not say anything about it! Moreover it was to help her own enemy only.

She opened her mouth coldly, “Indeed a good reason, then… what do you want me to do?”

Lord Zhan put down his teacup and leaned back as he relaxed his body but his gaze had stopped on Huang Yueli’s face, totally not letting go even for one second.

“I’d like to ask Grandmaster Huang one thing… where is the Sky Phoenix Ring?”

Huang Yueli was stunned for a couple of breaths before she realised what she had heard!

Immediately following that, she laughed out, “Lord Zhan, this question of yours is simply too amusing! Sky Phoenix Ring… how would I know where it had gone to? To tell you the truth, when I came to Lone Sky Summit in my past life, I carried the Sky Phoenix Ring along with me and at that time, all of you were pursuing after me relentlessly, wasn’t it all because of this God Relic? Later on I self-exploded and my soul scattered! Even my soul was summoned back by Moying so how would I know where the Sky Phoenix Ring dropped to after that?”

When Lord Zhan heard that, he creased his brows and his voice carried a hint of suspicion.