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Chapter 2340: Crisis! Identity exposed! (6)

Lord Zhan heard that and nodded his head, “That’s no wonder… otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have come to look for the Bipolar Black Orchid.”

Li Moying was slightly stunned, “What do you mean by this?”

Lord Zhan ignored his question as he changed the topic out of his own will.

“This Seat happened to come across this book <> many years ago and had already read it. This book is originally one of Sacred Phoenix Race’s ancient inheritance but alas, this secret literacy record had been lost by their clansmen thirty over years ago. Later on someone else copied part of the contents and sold off some of the remnant pages in an auction hence it came to Sky Emperor City and Four Skies Region, which you had found.”

“Actually, It’s not only now that I’m dubious over your identities. That year after Grandmaster Huang self-exploded, I had always been paying attention to Sovereign Mu’s reaction, worried that you might come knocking on my door to exact revenge for Grandmaster Huang. Whoever knew that not only didn’t you come and give This Seat problems, instead you suddenly announced that you’re going into seclusion. I also heard that on the day that you went into closed door seclusion, Sky Emperor City’s upper skies were filled with purple qi as thunderous clouds covered the skies and didn’t dissipate for more than ten over days….”

“This closed door cultivation took a total of ten over years…”

“Back then I’d already guessed that you must have utilised that secret method to summon back Grandmaster Huang’s soul because the scenario at that time was exactly the same as what was described in <>.”

“Only thing was the success rate of this secret method was less than one in ten thousand. So in order words, even if it was in God Realm, there was only one precedent of one successful example. I had never expected even in my dreams that you guys actually managed to succeed in it!”

“Exactly because of this, when you returned to Sky Emperor City, news had spread that Sovereign Mu had already came out of his closed door seclusion and even took in a disciple so I knew that this matter must be related to the secret method. There was a high possibility that both Grandmaster Huang and Sovereign Mu had successfully reincarnated and resumed their memories, returning to Blue Profound Sect.”

Speaking of that, Lord Zhan stopped and drank a mouthful of tea before he said, “Of course, I can’t just assume your identities out of nowhere hence when I heard you wanted the Bipolar Black Orchid, I tried to think of a way to invite both of you to Northern Ice Fields, to verify your real identities.”

Listening up to this point, Li Moying and Huang Yueli had already completely understood what had happened.

Their identities were not leaked out from after, but right from the start, they had already been placed under Lord Zhan’s surveillance.

Now that things came to such a state, the other party understood their situation so clearly so no matter what excuses they came out with to refute this, there was no meaning in it any longer.

Li Moying might as well admit it generously, “Lord Zhan is indeed knowledgeable, it is just as you said. But what I don’t understand is why must you target us so much? To tell the truth, if you hadn’t told us the truth today, Li’er and I wouldn’t know that the attack she suffered in Northern Ice Fields in her past life was planned by you and so we would not even think about seeking you out for revenge! What motive do you have to expose your own identity and find ways and means to bring us here for?”

Li Moying leaned in an elegant pose on the chair, looking extremely leisurely but in actual fact, his entire body’s muscles were already accumulating power just waiting for action.

Lord Zhan had exposed such a huge secret so he absolutely came prepared, and moreover he totally wasn’t afraid of them exacting revenge on him!

Then there was a ninety nine percent that the other party had already set their intention to exterminate them as soon as possible before Li Moying’s potential resumed back to peak level!