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Chapter 2342: Where is the Sky Phoenix Ring? (2)

“I really don’t know!” Huang Yueli spoke out with affirmation.

The Sky Phoenix Ring was within her primordial spirit and other than herself, only Li Moying alone knew about this matter. Oh, if there was a need to count, it included Little Phoenix as well.

Li Moying naturally wouldn’t betray her whereas Little Phoenix was a spirit artifact and protecting it’s Master’s safety was its basic instinct so it wouldn’t possibly betray her all the more.

So Huang Yueli was not at all worried about herself being exposed.

Seeing that Lord Zhan still not believing in her, she spoke out again, “Lord Zhan, speaking of this, back then when I self-exploded, it was just at the foot of Lone Sky Summit, the exit of your underground palace! Later on haven’t you gone over to search carefully to see where the God Relic dropped to?”

When Lord Zhan heard that, he remained silent for moments, not saying a single word.

The situation back then was something that Huang Yueli herself wouldn’t possibly know, only he and Li Moying knew.

Mu Chengying managed to rush to the scene back then and went on a killing spree as the top exponents from the Six Sacred Lands who held Huang Yueli in a siege were all exterminated by him!

Lord Zhan didn’t had the current level of ability back then so he totally wasn’t comparable to Mu Chengying who was at his peak form then, hence due to Mu Chengying’s potential then, he wasn’t able to search for the Sky Phoenix Ring at the very first moment then.

By the time he wanted for Mu Chengying to leave, he headed over to search but only discovered that a large part of the snowy land had been covered by blood but there was totally no Sky Phoenix Ring anywhere!

Lord Zhan’s men practically flipped through every single inch of Lone Sky Summit’s lands but they still didn’t managed to find anything…

Thinking of the past, Lord Zhan’s face turned chilly and even his voice turned frigidly cold, “Grandmaster Huang, why bother to ask since you know it obviously? If This Seat was able to find the Sky Phoenix Ring, would I need to question you now? For the past ten over years, This Seat had practically flipped through the entire place! Not to mention the Sky Phoenix Ring, even if it was a piece of shattered piece or even a dreg, I can’t even find a single thing!

Huang Yueli spread out her arms as spoke out with an innocent look, “This… this I don’t know! Don’t tell me that when I self-exploded, the impact was too great and it turned the Sky Phoenix Ring into dregs, not even leaving a shattered piece behind?”

Lord Zhan gave a cold harrumph as he slammed his hand on the table heavily, “Grandmaster Huang, do you treat This Seat as an idiot? What kind of God Relic grade is the Sky Phoenix Ring, even if it was in God Realm, it is an ultimate treasure that all God Clans fight after! That year, Sacred Phoenix Race’s previous clan leader lost the battle and self-exploded and he was a Life Soul Realm top exponent, one of the top few in God Realm but he merely shattered the Sky Phoenix Ring into a few pieces! Just you… a ninth stage realm peak practitioner, to shatter Sky Phoenix Ring into dregs?”

Lord Zhan lost control of his temper as his Profound Energy was unleashed.

His potential was already extremely close to the tenth stage realm and the might of his Profound Energy was extremely powerful so even if it was Huang Yueli, under such coercion, her face also turned pale.

When Li Moying saw that, he immediately moved and blocked in front of Huang Yueli as he spoke out coldly, “Lord Zhan, why the need to do this? Aren’t you just after the whereabouts of the Sky Phoenix Ring? Li’er has already said that she indeed had the Sky Phoenix Ring on her back then but you weren’t able to find it, so now who should you blame?”

Saying that, he squeezed Huang Yueli’s little hand gently as he injected his Profound Energy into Huang Yueli’s body, and at the same time also unleashed some of his might to resist against Lord Zhan.

The duo’s might clashed against each other in the middle of the sky.

Lord Zhan seemed to have noticed his loss of composure and gave a cold harrumph as he returned back to his original seat.