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Chapter 2337: Crisis! Identity exposed! (3)

His hands gripped the handle of the chair and body inclined forward as his voice turned sinisterly cold once again.

“Grandmaster Huang, you acting like this is really meaningless! Why are we playing fake for? If you insist on denying to the very end and not willing to admit, don’t blame me for being discourteous!”

No matter how Lord Zhan threatened, Huang Yueli calmly shook her head.

“Impossible! There’s simply nothing like this and you insisted on me admitting to it, what’s this considered as? You believe those rubbish stuff that Meng Wan’er made up? She’s obviously jealous of me so she dares to sprout whatever rubbish there is!”

“Ha ha, since it’s like this… Meng Wan’er’s words, indeed cannot be trusted totally and just like what you said, as long as you have Huang Yueli’s notes in your hands, you can indeed restore the mechanisms that she had left in Ice Serpent Valley…”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “That’s right, looks like you’re rather reasonable…”

However before she could even heave a sigh of relief, Lord Zhan continued, “This Seat also didn’t dare to rely solely on Meng Wan’er’s one-sided saying to confirm your identity so I intentionally requested for her to think of ways to lure you into this Underground Palace…”

Lord Zhan’s voice remained cold as ice but when Huang Yueli heard till this point, her heart suddenly thumped hard!

She suddenly thought of something and instinctively felt that the next sentence would be something that would make her unhappy.

Indeed as expected, Lord Zhan continued, “Actually this underground Palace is one of God Realm’s most powerful clan — Sacred Phoenix Race’s branch within Soaring Heavens Continent and is known as Snow Phoenix Palace and back then there were multiple inheritances! Sixteen years ago, in order to search for the shattered pieces of the God Relic Sky Phoenix Ring’s shattered pieces, you once tried ways and means to enter this place but in the end, you didn’t manage to find the thing that you wanted. But luckily, the mechanisms weren’t able to keep you so you still successfully left.”

“But when you left the underground Palace back then, you discovered that at the exit, the Six Sacred Lands had joint hands to set up the Ten Directional Nightfall Formation hence trapping you inside in order to demand for the Sky Phoenix Ring! You refused to hand over the God Relic and in the end, you had no choice but to self-explode….. Did I say anything wrong?”

Huang Yueli’s body shook as her inner heart was shocked to the extreme!

Lord Zhan talked about these exactly as what happened sixteen years ago, without a single bit of difference!

Moreover, this Lord Zhan whose background was unknown actually knew everything so clearly!

All these, could only point to one truth —

“So to speak, that year the person who united the Six Sacred Lands to besiege Grandmaster Huang, was— you?”

At the same time, Huang Yueli could also sense Li Moying’s aura, who was seated beside her, becoming extremely unstable.

She knew that this piece of news to Li Moying was extremely shocking!

Because that year before she self-exploded, this man was actually not very sure of the situation and today was the first time he heard of it, moreover, it was from the enemy’s mouth!

She was extremely worried and wanted to comfort Li Moying but unfortunately this wasn’t a suitable place and they could not expose their identities.

Li Moying seemed to have sensed her thinking as he turned around to take a look at her then spoke out calmly, “So that was what happened.”