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Chapter 2338: Crisis! Identity exposed! (4)

“Back then the incident that happened in Northern Ice Fields had been a hot topic in

Soaring Heavens Continent for the past ten over years but I had not imagined

that the real truth was like this! We should thank Lord Zhan for telling us all

these juicy news which serves to clear our years of doubts. But what does this

have to do with us?”

Li Moying breezed past this topic easily as though these words which Lord Zhan said, to

him, was only a gossipy story which could be discussed after meals.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Huang Yueli understood him rather well, she might have been

fooled by his acting skills.

Lord Zhan also raised his brows, slightly surprised but immediately after that, he laughed.

“Sovereign Mu, what great bearing! Hearing This Seat talking about how your beloved woman

was murdered back then yet you can still remain so calm… if you are not acting, then it must be that in your heart, Grandmaster Huang totally doesn’t have much standing?”

These words were like a big bomb which exploded in front of both of them.

Huang Yueli was so shocked that she could no longer maintain the composed expression on her face, as she directly knocked down the teacup onto the ground, almost short of standing up directly on the seat.

Lord Zhan…. He actually knew Li Moying was Mu Chengying!

This… how was this possible?

Even for her, it was only after she had experienced many things with him before she was able to confirm his identity.

How could Lord Zhan possibly know?

When Lord Zhan finally saw her complexion turning colour, he laughed out from the bottom of his heart.

“He he, Grandmaster Huang, This Seat never says anything that I’m unsure of and don’t do anything that I don’t have confidence in. Since I dare to state your’s and Sovereign Mu’s identity, then naturally it is because I have enough evidence.”

“Do you remember the secret room when you fall down from the foot of Lone Sky Summit? Doesn’t that secret room seem familiar? Although you didn’t fall into the same room sixteen years ago, but the mechanisms inside are all the same.”

“This Seat remembers that year, in order for you to decode the mechanism, you spent a total of three days and three nights before you finally managed to break out of it! End up this time round, how much time have you spent? You didn’t even take two hours right? A ninth ranked Armament Master spent three days before she was able to decode the mechanisms but you managed to do it within two hours and why was that? Surely it wasn’t because you’ve already broken to god grade right? You still dare to say that you’re not Huang Yueli?”

Lord Zhan no longer kept it a secret as his words were forcibly thrown out, stating clearly the trap which he set up.

It was until this moment and Huang Yueli and Li Moying finally realised that since they entered the Northern Ice Fields, what had caused that kind of indisposed feeling that had been shrouding around their hearts!

So, Lord Zhan had already seen through their identities and moreover he had been thinking of ways to verify them.

This kind of situation whereby the enemy was in the dark while they were in the open, the kind of helplessness of being led by the nose was something that they had not experienced for a very long time!

But Huang Yueli and Li Moying were both who had been through huge waves and winds so even though they were appalled inside their hearts, on the surface, they still weren’t disoriented at all.

Huang Yueli had already resumed her usual calm, “Lord Zhan, you indeed have deep plans and distant thoughts but you seem to have neglected the most important point!”