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Chapter 2336: Crisis! Identity exposed! (2)

There was no other matter which was as shocking as this!

Lord Zhan put it in such an affirmative manner as though he had long seen through the truth and he was absolutely sure about it!

However, Huang Yueli remained composed as a playful smile hung on her lips.

“Lord Zhan, you really know how to crack a joke? I’m Huang Yueli Grandmaster Huang? If it’s really true, I will smile even in my dreams at night! I’ve always wished to be able to reach her Armament reigning standard but alas… till now I still don’t have this kind of ability.”

Lord Zhan looked attentively at her as he spoke out slowly, “Oh? Are you certain? Your ability doesn’t match up to the yesteryear Grandmaster Huang?”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly, “What does your esteemed self mean?”

“Ha ha, This Seat is merely curious. To be able to restore a ninth tiered mechanism and also remodel it, even able to restore an ancient god grade mechanism… this kind of ability, still can’t be compared to that year’s Grandmaster Huang?”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her expression changed slightly, “You….. How did you know what happened to us in Ice Serpent Valley? You followed us?”

Lord Zhan gave a low chuckle, “I didn’t follow you but earlier that young lass which This Seat had dealt with, hates you to the core! I just casually asked about your matters and she just told me every single thing endlessly, and even expressed that she will try her best to coordinate with me, as long as I kill you!”

Huang Yueli gave a cold laugh when she heard that, “I see…. But it’s not so easy to take my life!”

Lord Zhan leaned against the chair and adjusted to a comfortable position as he said, “That’s of course. You’re the Number One Armament Master in the world and your status is respectful so how would you be someone that this clown could scheme against? This Seat saw this brazen lass harbouring ill intentions hence I dealt with her for you first.”

Huang Yueli’s gaze dimmed as she was silently alarmed!

It was obviously this Lord Zhan himself who wanted to eliminate her but yet he put it across that he was helping her to deal with this problem….

This person’s scheme was so deep that it had once again surpassed her imagination.

Huang Yueli’s thoughts were moving swiftly but her face carried a faint smile as she nodded her head, “In this case, many thanks to Lord Zhan! With your help, it has indeed saved me a great amount of effort. But…. I think you are really mistaken! I really do not have Grandmaster Huang’s ability to be able to restore the mechanism that she left behind, just merely happened to read the notes that she left behind. Didn’t Meng Wan’er tell you that?”

Lord Zhan chuckled, “Right, Meng Wan’er indeed told me that but anyone with a little bit of brains could tell that that’s just an excuse.”

“This really isn’t any excuse! Lord Zhan, although I don’t know the reason why you insist on searching for Grandmaster Huang, but you’ve really got the wrong person!”

Huang Yueli knew that Lord Zhan was testing her so she naturally wouldn’t admit her own identity.

Exerting such a great deal of effort to lure Li Moying and her to this underground Palace, she was certain that he was up to no good.

No matter what the other party’s motive was, she would not possibly coordinate with him.

Moreover, she also believed that no matter who was the one who betrayed her and Li Moying, it was not possible to get any evidence that she and Yueli were the same person!

Such a bizarre matter, as long as she denied it fully, as time dragged on, the other party would then suspect the genuity of this matter.

Huang Yueli put on a bold and confident expression, as she started to talk rubbish in a proper manner.

However, Lord Zhan was totally unaffected by her acting skills.