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Chapter 2333: Everlasting regret (6)

Saying that, Meng Wan’er walked onto the round platform first.

Huang Yueli and Li Moying exchange a glance and followed her onto the platform.

When Meng Wan’er saw the both of them following without any qualms, her heart jumped for joy!

Finally, her aim was about to be attained! That wretched lass surnamed Bai, soon… she could say farewell to her forever!

Meng Wan’er suppressed her extremely agitated feeling as she lifted her hand and pressed it on the array eye on the round platform, injecting her Profound Energy…..

A blinding gold ray instantly enveloped the three of them on the round platform.

In an instance, the three of them seemed to be sucked into a hurricane as they saw stars and their feet staggered as their blood and qi were churning in their chests.

Li Moying grabbed Huang Yueli’s hand rightly as he locked her to one side, to prevent her from falling.

However Meng Wan’er wasn’t that lucky. Her cultivation was originally not high and she did not had anyone to protect her so she was caught off guard and fell onto the ground with her face down, cutting an extremely sorry state.

Luckily, this swirling feeling only lasted for a few short breaths.

Not too long later, everyone resumed back to normal.

The gold light was gone and Huang Yueli raised up her head to find out that they had been transported to an even more luxurious palace room.

The surrounding décor was still made out of high levelled materials and some of them were even something which Huang Yueli wasn’t able to distinguish, so it was possibly some material which was only available in God Realm.

The murals on the four walls was even more complicated and even more exquisite as numerous phoenixes spiralled on the ceiling vividly, as though in the next second, they would swoop down towards them.

Huang Yueli looked around and suddenly frowned as she looked at the man beside her, “Moying, do you feel that…. something is wrong with this place?”

Li Moying’s expression didn’t change but the hand which was clasped around her waist tightened.

“I’ve long smelled it, this room… has a thick stench of blood!”

His eyes were even more alert and the Profound Energy in his body was starting to work around, as he was prepared to meet with the impending crisis.

Huang Yueli thought about it and lowered her head to look at Meng Wan’er who still hadn’t got time to climb up as she asked, “Young Miss Meng, what place have you brought us to? Didn’t you say that you were going to lead us out of the underground palace?”

Meng Wan’er had just recovered from the dizziness and when she lifted her head to take a look, she had a rude shock!

Because back then, the ghost masked man told her that it was indeed using the teleportation array to leave the underground palace but now, what was exhibited in front of her was not the everlasting snow mountain scenery at Lone Sky Summit, but…. a strange and eerie place…

Meng Wan’er’s body started shivering slightly as a bad premonition arose in her heart.

“This… this… how could this be? It’s impossible? Where is this place??”

Huang Yueli looked at her everchanging expressions and felt that it wasn’t an act hence she couldn’t help but frowned.

“What’s the situation? Didn’t you said that you know the route?”

“I.. I didn’t lead the wrong way? But…..”

Meng Wan’er didn’t knew how to explain and moreover, the map which the ghost masked man gave showed that this was already the ending point so she didn’t knew how to carry on from here.

This time round, Meng Wan’er was completed stumped.

Wasn’t it said that if she brought Huang Yueli here, she would die without a burial ground? Why was the current situation so out of one’s expectation?

“Stop with your buts, what idea are you planning exactly? You’ve already reached such a point and you’re still not planning to clarify this?”