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Chapter 2332: Everlasting regret (5)

“This… your method, doesn’t have any substantial value at all? Ice Serpent Valley is so far away from here and it would take several days of travelling! Distant water cannot quench present thirst so where should we go look for that ancient record that you mentioned?”

Li Moying also quipped in, “Young Miss Meng, do you still have any other ideas?”

Meng Wan’er hurriedly replied, “I know that you want to save Divine Doctor Liu and the others immediately but now, we don’t have any train of thoughts isn’t it? Even if you continue to waste your time here, spending a few days and night, perhaps we might just end up with the same conclusion. Then why not we can just leave this underground palace first, anyway we’re just one step away and we will be able to leave! After we leave the underground palace, we will immediately hurry back to Ice Serpent Valley and look for that ancient record, and if we rush all the way back, coming to and fro should take at most ten days.”

“You must know that if you continue to waste a few more days here, if you want to return that would waste even more time!”

Hearing her said that, Huang Yueli and Li Moying both went silence, without saying a single word for some time.

After a while later, Huang Yueli then opened her mouth, “This… what Young Miss Meng said, seems to be logical as well…”

When Meng Wan’er heard that, she was so happy that she almost jumped up in joy!

She tried her best to tell herself to remain calm, hence she didn’t immediately show the joyous look on her face.

She really didn’t expected Huang Yueli to really believe all that she said!

This reasoning itself was rather nonsensical and since Huang Yueli had always not met eye to eye with her, hence Meng Wan’er had never thought that she would be able to convince her so easily!

“That’s right, Young Miss Bai, I will not scheme you all! We’d better hurry and work up into action, to prepare and leave this underground palace! Otherwise, the longer we drag, the lesser time we will have to save Divine Doctor Liu and the others!”

She decided to give another push as she tried her best to coax Huang Yueli into leaving with her.

Huang Yueli turned back to take a look at Li Moying and the latter originally would view his fiancée’s views as the most important so when he saw that she had made her decision, he naturally had no objections.

“Since that’s so, will Young Miss Meng please lead the way. We have to catch hold of time quickly!”

“Alright, will the both of you please come along with me!” Meng Wan’er couldn’t wait as she turned around and led the way in front.

Just as the moment she turned around, a delighted smirk which was saying that her conspiracy had prevailed surfaced on her face.

Even though there were plenty of unimaginable turns of events along this entire journey, but at the very end, the victor was still her! Meng Wan’er only cared about thinking highly of herself as she totally didn’t notice that the two people behind her had secretly exchanged a glance.

The trio returned back to the eighth hall.

Meng Wan’er stopped in her tracks beside the wall.

“Alright, based on the information in the ancient record, I’ve already consecutively activated the arrays in the seven large halls and now we’re at the last step…”

She shut her eyes to reminisce on her memory as she stretched out her hand and pressed against the wall.

The clacking sound of a mechanism being activated was heard and immediately following that, in the middle of the large hall’s floor, a round shaped stone platform slowly surfaced and a layer of dim light was shining on the platform.

This stone platform was around four to five meters side and it was constructed entirely with the Heavenly Star Rock which blended in with the entire hall.

If it wasn’t for Meng Wan’er who activated the array, based on one’s naked eye, it was completely impossible to discover its existence.

Meng Wan’er turned around and said, “Young Master Li, Young Miss Bai, following this, we only need to stand on the round platform and activate the array eye in the centre, then we will be teleported out from this array…”