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Chapter 2334: Everlasting regret (7)

Huang Yueli’s expression sank and her tone sounded extremely cold and harsh.

Meng Wan’er didn’t know why as she suddenly felt as though her heart had been stuffed, “I…”

However, before she could even open her mouth, abruptly, a man’s hoarse voice was heard coming from behind their backs.

“It’s better for This Seat to explain, he he he…”

This cold and strange voice carried a slight hint of familiarity as both Huang Yueli and Li Moying shook just from hearing it and they immediately turned around.

A man with a tall stature donning a ghost mask on his face slowly walked out from a small space by the side of the wall.

Following his appearance, that small door soundlessly closed as it merged into one with the wall.

He sauntered right in front of Huang Yueli and Li Moying as he smiled, “Not easy, This Seat had expended a huge amount of effort before I could invite both to this place.”

“It’s indeed you! What motive do you have to cheat us into coming to this place? Where is the Bipolar Black Orchid?” Li Moying’s gaze was cold as he was on high alert.

Although the ghost mask man carried a smile on his face, but Li Moying had crossed hands with him and naturally knew clearly what kind of sinisterly powerful and difficult opponent this man was!

Moreover, based on his current cultivation now, he was not ghost mask man’s match and now that Liu Buyan and the others had gone missing, he totally had no support at all, and he still had to protect his little fiancee……

Hence, he could not afford any slight mistake!

The ghost masked man however seemed as though he didn’t noticed the tensed situation that had instantly sparked as he smiled once again.

“Why so tense? This Seat had invited both over without any malicious intent, just wanting to discuss a matter with both of you. As long as we can reach a peaceful settlement, I can offer the Bipolar Black Orchid in my hands and also open up the storage room in this underground palace, allowing you to choose any treasure that you want. Come on, both of you please have a seat.”

The ghost masked man pointed to a chair and table with his right hand as he gestured an invitation.

Not knowing when, the table had already appeared and was filled with fragrant hot tea with exquisite snacks. Inclusive of that white jade teaware which was priceless, one would know just how much effort he had put into preparing this.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they were currently situated in such a strange place, Huang Yueli would probably praise the ghost mask man for his treatment towards his guests.

Huang Yueli frowned slightly and couldn’t decide if she should move over or not.

Just at this moment, suddenly, Meng Wan’er suddenly scurried out as she cried out in shock, “Lord Zhan, you… you’ve finally appeared! What place is this exactly, and what’s going on? Didn’t you say that as long as I bring them here, you will kill Bai Ruoli that little slut? Why…”


In the midst of voicing out her unhappiness, she suddenly let out a miserable scream!

Her questioning had been replaced with a miserable scream!

Her eyes opened wide as she looked at disbelief at Lord Zhan, both her hands subconsciously held on to her neck as blood started spurting out from her fingertips!

Meng Wan’er’s mouth opened side as though she wanted to say something but no matter how hard she tried, she could only make blurry gurgling sounds from her throat…

It took only a couple of breaths as her body slumped and went limp.

Until her very death, she still didn’t believed that she was actually killed in this manner!

It was obviously Huang Yueli whom she hated the most, who should be killed, but in the end, the one who died was actually herself??

Meng Wan’er’s pair of eyes seemed as though it was about to pop out from staring fixatedly at the ghost masked man!

Everlasting regret! An aggrieved death!