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Chapter 2323: All the advantages have been taken by her (4)

Li Moying seemed as though he had not heard a single thing and he didn’t even throw a glance at her.

Meng Wan’er almost burst from being ignored by him in this manner as she clenched her teeth and continued, “Young Master Li, you must stay calm, think about it. Young Miss Bai herself is an extraordinary Armament Master and although she met with danger, she will definitely be able to handle it. But you are not an Armament Master so if you abruptly go and save her, just how huge is the risk that you will take! Perhaps it might be faster for her to save herself!”

Seeing that Li Moying still remaining silent, Meng Wan’er persuaded once again, “Young Master Li, I know that you guys have come to Lone Sky Summit because you have something urgent to do and now that you’re wasting the time in the underground palace to search for her, it’s really an irrational thing to do. You should consider the priority of the matters…. AH—!!”

Before Meng Wan’er could even finish her sentence, she suddenly let out an extremely terrified scream!

Li Moying suddenly stretched out his hand and strangled her neck, lifting her into mid-air.

That pair of usually cold peach blossom eyes was now filled with red veins entirely and it looked extremely malevolent!

“To me, Li’er’s matters are the most important and more pressing! Do I need you, this slut top tell me what to do? Simply looking for death!” Li Moying’s words took a pause as he simply could not suppress the anger in his heart.

Originally, he didn’t wanted to bother about Meng Wan’er this clown but this woman kept on buzzing and nagging around his side, and even said spiteful comments and asked him to abandon Li’er!

Huang Yueli’s life, to him, was more important than anything else!

If Huang Yueli had really died in the underground palace, then why would he still go look for the ghost masked man for, and to obtain whatever Bipolar Black Orchid?

He rather chose to remain in the underground palace, and accompany Huang Yueli in her death!

Meng Wan’er’s slender neck was strangled by Li Moying in one hand, as it gradually grew tighter.

She could not breath nor made any sound, and her throat was restricted. Her face flushed bright red and she looked as though she was about to breath her last any second now.

When Liu Buyan saw that, he hurriedly ran over and grabbed Li Moying’s wrist, “Moying, let go of her!”

Seeing that Li Moying had no reaction, he hurriedly said, “I know this woman cursed my Junior Sister and her death isn’t even worth mentioning! But there’s no point in killing her now! Moreover, hasn’t Meng Wan’er seen the ancient records? She should know how to open that door, quickly release her and let her lead us to save her!”

Hearing Liu Buyan saying that, Li Moying’s hand suddenly loosened up.

Meng Wan’er fell onto the ground on her butt as her hand held onto her neck and coughed furiously.

“Cough cough cough cough… cough cough…”

She coughed so much until her entire body shivered and her eyes were filled with tears as her heart was filled with extreme terror!

Usually when she saw Li Moying, she only felt that he was cold and aloof, other than facing Huang Yueli when he would show some gentleness, otherwise he would normally not show any emotional fluctuations at all.

Whoever knew that when he flew into a rage, he actually turned into such a terrifying person!

It was at this moment when Meng Wan’er only realised that she seemed to have offended a man whom she could not afford to offend!

Liu Buyan walked next to Li Moying and frowned as he turned towards Meng Wan’er and asked, “Young Miss Meng, you’d better think carefully if you have any idea to open this door. Don’t say anything unrelated to your priority anymore and if we are not able to save Junior Sister, this future Brother-in-law of mine will go insane sooner or later so by then, there will be no good fruits for you to eat!”

Actually, without Liu Buyan’s advice, Meng Wan’er also began to realise this now.