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Chapter 2322: All the advantages have been taken by her (3)

The most important thing right now was to hurry back and not let Li Moying and the others wait too long, otherwise she was afraid of some accident happening.

As for Little Phoenix’s matter, that could be pushed back for later when she had more free time.

Thinking of this, she hurriedly swept all the medicinal pills and ingredients in the wooden cabinet into her realm ring without looking, and then turned back towards the direction where she came from.

In the large hall.

As Huang Yueli suddenly disappeared, everyone fell into a state of panic.

Li Moying banged and crashed against the door with all he had got, until the sides of his palms were covered in blood but yet he still refused to stop.

He even used 100% of his Profound Energy to impact the mechanism.

When Liu Buyan saw that, he hastily dashed over hugging him into a deadlock, trying to pull him away from the door.

However, Li Moying’s strength was too strong and Liu Buyan wasn’t able to stop him at all.

Luckily, Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun also came around to their senses in time as they hurried over to help, managing to pull Li Moying back by several meters.

Liu Buyan stared at him exasperatedly, “Li Moying are you insane! Do you know how terrifying these mechanisms are? Yet you want to try to decode it through brute force? Moreover your ability isn’t even enough right now, even if you manage to do it, the backlash you will suffer is twice the amount! Do you still want your life or not?”

Li Moying was like a trapped wild beast, staring back at him deadly with blood red eyes.

“Let me go! Li’er fell in like that earlier, it’s not as if you didn’t see it! Heaven knows what kind of danger is she experiencing right now! I must go save her immediately!”

Saying that, he wanted to struggle again and although Cang Po Jun and the others’ cultivations were much higher than his, but they totally weren’t able to suppress him at all.

Liu Buyan directly gave him a slap on the face and retorted furiously, “Can you calm down or not? We all know that Junior Sister is in danger right now and we all want to save her! But acting recklessly like you will only just be sending yourself to die! If you suffer a serious backlash from the mechanism, how are you going to save Junior Sister?”

Liu Buyan totally didn’t restrain himself as he struck out a palm strike onto Li Moying”s chest.

Li Moying’s emotions were unstable and as he was being restrained by Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Jun, he didn’t manage to evade in time and was sent flying directly.

“Young Sect Master!!” Cang Po Jun cried out in shock as he hurriedly pounced over to check on him.

Seeing Li Moying throw up a mouthful of blood, he couldn’t help but berated angrily, “Divine Doctor Liu, you.. How could you deal him with such a heavy blow!”

Liu Buyan gave a cold snort, “I just wanted to wake this lunatic up! It’s already hard enough to try and find Junior Sister in this goddamn place and yet he still can’t remain calm!”

“But there’s no need to…”

Cang Po Jun wanted to say something more but he heard Li Moying’s deep voice from his back, “Enough, Po Jun!”

Li Moying propped himself against the wall to climb up once again and wiped the blood stains from his lips as his expression was astute but he had calmed down quite a bit.

“What Liu Buyan said is right, I’m not calm at all.”

His character had always been cold and no matter what happened, even if the world were to crumble in front of him, nothing would affect him much.

However, whenever it was matters related to Huang Yueli, every single time, it would easily trigger the innermost terror in his heart…

Li Moying’s hands clenched into fists tightly as his fingernails etched deeply into his palms as blood started to drip down.

This kind of pain was helpful in aiding him to maintain his composure.

“Everyone come over and discuss about what ideas you have that might open up this door so that we can go in and save her.”

His words had just ended when Meng Wan’er walked over.

“Young Master Li, you really want to save her? It’s too dangerous!”