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Chapter 2324: All the advantages have been taken by her (5)

Meng Wan’er shuddered and her heart was feeling terrified and indignant!

In Li Moying’s eyes, was that little slut’s life that valuable?!

Meng Wan’er bit on her lips, not saying a single word.

Liu Buyan persuaded once again when he saw her remaining silent, “Young Miss Meng, what are you still hesitating for? If you have any ideas on how to save her, just say it out directly! As long as we are able to save Junior Sister, we will remember the gratitude you have done for us and will repay you back properly.”

Meng Wan’er was still cowering as she didn’t say anything at all.

Actually, facing Li Moying bitter cold gaze, she was already scared stiff and although she really wanted to eliminate Huang Yueli, but she didn’t intend to throw her life into it!

If it was possible, she also wanted to tell them how to open the door. Anyway from the earlier scenario, Huang Yueli had probably turned into ash the minute she entered the door so even if they dashed in to save her, it’s not possible to save her any longer so there was no need for her to be the evil one here.

But unfortunately, she had no idea at all!

Earlier those talk about seeing the map layout of this underground palace in some ancient records was just a lie to deceive them.

The drawing that ghost mask man gave to her was actually an extremely simplified version and on it only stated the only pathway.

Meng Wan’er hesitated, not knowing what to say so that she could round up her lie.

Li Myoing stared at her and very soon, he lost his patience as he gave a cold humph, “Meng Wan’er, I’d advise you to be honest and tell us whatever you know! It’s on account of Li’er’s face that I’ve endured you till now and if you continue hesitating, I don’t mind sending you off!”

“I… I… this…”

Li Moying’s tone was simply too melancholic and adding on to the bitter aura flowing out from him, Meng Wan’er’s teeth kept chattering.

“Li… Young Master Li, it’s not really… it’s not that I don’t want to tell, but… in the ancient records, there… there’s just one way out, I really can’t remember…”

“Did you think This Seat will believe your rubbish??” Li Moying unleashed his Profound Energy and a powerful suppression caused Meng Wan’er to almost throw up blood.

Meng Wan’er wanted to cry but she had no tears, “I really… really don’t know!”

At this very moment, she was really regretful on why did she come out to stop Li Moying from saving her!

But now it was too late for regrets.

Li Moying’s gloomy cold gaze went one round on Meng Wan’er’s face, “No matter if what you said was true or false, This Seat isn’t interested to know. Since you have no idea on how to save her, then there’s no point for you to continue staying alive. Po Jun—”

Cang Po Jun responded and with a “zzzng” sound, the curved sword in his hand was unsheathed!


Meng Wan’er’s horrendous screams simply pierced through everyone’s eardrums.

Just at this moment—

A soft “ka cha” rang and the tightly shut room was opened on the other end by someone.

The sound of the door being pushed open, in comparison with Meng Wan’er’s screams was simply insignificant but such a slight sound made Li Moying’s entire body shook.

He turned around suddenly just in time to see his little fox in tidy clothing and rosy face slowing walking out.

She was a little dazed as she blinked her big eyes to see everyone’s shocked gazes in the large hall.

“What’s going on? Why is it so noisy? I was just gone for a little while and you’re already starting to fight?”

Huang Yueli’s little head tilted to one side as she sized up the cowered up and shivering Meng Wan’er, apparently slightly unable to comprehend.