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Chapter 2321: All the advantages have been taken by her (2)

Saying that, Huang Yueli took out a dagger from her realm ring and cut a slit on her finger.

Blood started seeping out and flowed down her fair like snow skin, as it appeared extremely eye piercing.

She didn’t hesitate as she smeared her blood on her finger on the engraved pattern and the blood was instantly sucked in silently.

Huang Yueli carefully smeared her blood on every single part of the engraving before she retracted her hand and took a step backwards.

Both Little Wang Cai and her large eyes stared wide, waiting for the mechanism lock to be activated.

A slight “clack” was heard and the mechanism lock swayed as it landed onto the ground while the wooden cabinet door slowly opened up to both sides.

She had seen this mechanism lock’s array patterns thrice before this. The first time was in the side courtyard of South Yue Kingdom Duke’s Mansion where Bai Liu Feng had left her the Blood Feather Silk Cage while the second time was in Celestial Light Academy, also on the mechanism which Bai Liu Feng left behind. Whereas the third time was at the exterior of the Sacred Phoenix Race’s inheritance tower.

So it was imaginable just how important the bloodline inheritance of the ancient God clans was, hence there were many mechanisms which were related to the clan’s bloodline.

Huang Yueli took a step forward when she saw the cabinet door fully opened, to check out the thing inside the wooden cabinet.

Ninth level medicinal pills, ninth level medicinal ingredients and a couple of shabby scrolls…

Everything looked rather valuable but she simply didn’t feel that any one of it was worth much higher than the Remote Transient Secret Fire!

Just as she was extremely puzzled, suddenly she heard a “whoosh” and a round ball-like figure scuttered out abruptly beside her!

“Whoa, this is wonderful! I’ve always wanted this, I’ve finally got it! Ying ying ying, This Lord I am truly the most fortunate Little Phoenix under this Heavens!”

Little Wang Cai carried the treasure in its hands and was so happy that it kept rolling on the ground.

Huang Yueli turned around and looked in astonishment and on looking over, she saw Little Wang Cai hugging a round shaped stone in its hands. It was just merely the size of two fists and the appearance was extremely rough while the colour was a dim shade of maroon, totally unable to tell what was so special about it.

Huang Yueli frowned and asked, “What’s this thing? An armament refining material? Or some sort of raw spiritual jade stone?”

She walked over and wanted to take that piece of rock to have a look.

Whoever knew that Little Wang Cai looked at her defensively, putting on a deeply worried face as though she was going to snatch it away from him, “I’m not telling you. If I tell you, you will definitely snatch it away, this belongs to This Lord!”

Finishing what he had to say, his figure suddenly flashed and in the very next moment, he and the stone all entered into the space inside the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Huang Yueli was stunned and hadn’t even recalled her senses for some time.

This… what situation was this? Usually this little thing would not easily return to the Sky Phoenix Ring once it came out unless she resorted to extreme methods to capture and throw it back!

Today it was actually so proactive, running back inside by itself?

Moreover, had it gone silly from being stuffed into the Sky Phoenix Ring for too long?

As a spiritual artifact, the treasure that it picked up would eventually belonged to Huang Yueli wasn’t it? Whatever she wanted, she would just need to think of it and she would be able to get it, totally not something that Little Phoenix could control.

“Wang Cai, what’s the matter? Come out and explain!” Huang Yueli asked unrelentlessly once again.

Silence replied her.

That wretched little brat actually learnt to play dead!

Huang Yueli was totally speechless and suddenly recalled that she had already entered this room for a period of time.