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Chapter 2320: All the advantages have been taken by her (1)

Little Wang Cai’s big round eyes were filled with an accusative glare as it fixated onto Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli’s brows creased slightly, “What crossing the river and tearing down the bridge?”

Little Wang Cai put one hand on its hip and the other finger pointed at Huang Yueli’s nose as it spoke out angrily, “Don’t act blur, I’m talking about you! You took away the deviant flame spark and just left me alone? Want to leave just like this? I haven’t even gotten my treasure yet!”

Huang Yueli was dazed for a moment before she realised what was going on.

She instantly got excited as she couldn’t even be bothered to haggle over the fact that Little Wang Cai pointed its finger at her as she spoke out in joy, “What? Could it be that you mean… the treasure that you’re talking about is actually not the Remote Transient Secret Fire? There’s something more valuable than the Remote Transient Secret Fire, and it’s just nearby??”

Little Wang Cai raised its chin and spoke out in an extremely tsundere tone, “that’s of course! Although the Remote Transient Secret Fire is rarely seen, but it cannot be compared to This Lord’s True Phoenix Fire so how can it be considered as an important treasure? Just a little too common….. you’re belittling This Lord’s foresight!”

This little thing was extremely smug and if it was usual times, Huang Yueli would usually say some sarcastic things about him.

But now, all she had in her mind was the treasure as she immediately let Little Wang Cai down while saying, “What is the treasure that you’re talking about? Where is it? Quickly bring me over!”

Little Wang Cai nodded its head and when it’s feet landed onto the ground, it dashed forward to the front.

Huang Yueli quickly chased up to its pace.

It was until now that she had the free time to observe the place where she was located.

The back of this door was not an ordinary corridor but a rather luxurious room as its décor was extremely soft. There was a huge bed with netting around it and also a dressing table…

Looked like it was the room of an aristocratic young lady.

The surrounding of this room was set up with extremely complicated mechanisms and arrays and earlier the Remote Transient Secret Fire that attacked her was part of the mechanism.

Luckily it was her, if it was anyone else who didn’t had such a high dire attributed innate talent like her, that person would probably had been captured by the Remote Transient Secret Fire in an instance, burning so badly that their entire body had turned into ash, so even if they didn’t died, they would also be left with half a life left!

Just as Huang Yueli was gazing around, Little Wang Cai had already ran towards the big cabinet in one corner of the room.

“It’s inside this cabinet, Female Devil, open it quickly and take a look!”

There was an extremely large mechanism lock hanging on the handle of the cabinet and just from the appearance of the engraved array patterns on the surface, one knew that it was extremely difficult to open it.

If not for so, Little Wang Cai would have already pounced and made a grab for it, so would it even bother about Huang Yueli who was behind?

Under Little Wang Cai’s “extremely hungry” attentive gaze, Huang Yueli walked in quick steps and turned her head sideways to observe the mechanism lock in front of her.

After a while later, her face revealed a smile.

“This mechanism lock… is rather interesting!”

Little Wang Cai didn’t bother about her intention and on seeing her smiling, it immediately stomped its feet from anxiety, “Ughh, can you open it or not! Aren’t you a ninth ranked Armament Master? Can’t even settle this small thing? Quickly quickly!”

He held onto Huang Yueil’s thigh as he refused to let go.

Huang Yeuli was still unhurried, “This is a god grade mechanism lock and the workmanship is complicated so even if I have the ability, I cannot just decode it forcibly…”

Seeing Little Wang Cai becoming so anxious that it’s feathers were all ruffled, she then laughed as she continued, “But there’s no need for me to decode it because… I have the bloodline of the Sacred Phoenix Race!”