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Chapter 2319: Remote Transient Secret Fire (5)

But she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and on the contrary, it felt rather comfortable.

She realised at the first moment that the ball of flame which enveloped around her was a kind of deviant flame.

To ordinary practitioners, facing this scorching deviant flame would cause them to burn into a crisp within a second.

But as a god grade fire attributed practitioner, to be enveloped by such a thick and pure fire-attributed energy made Huang Yueli feel comfortable from head to toe.

She stretched out her right hand in mid-air and silently chanted the mnemonic chant from << Nine Phoenix Transformations>> and cried out lowly, “Keep!”

The originally arrogant and wantonly burning deviant flame, under the control of her hand gestures started to shake, as though it was afraid of the powerful innate talent coming from her!

The flames around her slowly extinguished and immediately following that, a small ball of deviant flame spark appeared in her palm.

That ball of spark was slightly dim, and there was even a hint of black qi puffing out indistinctively. Although it had already been controlled by Huang Yueli, but it still scattered around flamboyantly.

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes and a hint of joy surfaced on her watery pupils.

“That’s great! This deviant flame contains thick dark attributed energy! Could this be…. the Remote Transient Secret Fire?”

She saw that there was no one around and with a chant in her mind, she released Little Wang Cai out.

Little Wang Cai had grown quite a lot by now and although it was already the size of a mother hen, it was still round and the action of flapping its wings was rather strenuous, which made one worry about the fact that it was so heavy so was it even able to fly at all? Would it fly in the sky and then land head first onto the ground while in the middle of flying?

Little Wang Cai blinked and instantly turned into a bun faced little Shota as his pair of sparkly eyes shone, while he stared at the deviant flame in Huang Yueli’s palm.

“What you said is right, this is the Remote Transient Secret Fire! In God Realm’s deviant flame chart, this deviant flame spark is ranked Number Two!”

Huang Yueli’s heart was jubilant.

The Remote Transient Secret Fire, just second to True Phoenix Fire, and moreover it was the one and only dark attributed deviant flame on the deviant flame chart.

Dark attribute characteristic was originally a rare attribute and moreover it was extremely difficult to fuse with fire attributed energy hence it was extremely unstable. Only under an especially harsh underlying condition and through coincidence would it be able to fuse into the Remote Transient Secret Fire.

In terms of rarity, the Remote Transient Secret Fire was considered as the rarest deviant flame.

Huang Yueli satisfactorily kept this Remove Transient Secret Fire into her body and patted Little Wang Cai’s furry head, “It’s all thanks to you little fellow! When we return, I’ll reward you with roasted drumsticks, no matter how much you want, you can have them all!”

Ancient spiritual beasts’ senses were indeed very sensitive, to be able to sense even the deviant flame hidden behind the mechanism.

If it wasn’t for Little Phoenix’s reminder, she would have brushed past the Remote Transient Secret Fire.

Saying that, she stood up and turned around as she wanted to return back on the original route.

Whoever knew that she had just taken a step out when she was tugged on hard by Little Wang Cai who was behind her.

“Wait, wait! Female Devil, don’t leave!”

Huang Yueli lowered her head and carried him up, “Alright, stop making a din and obediently return to the Sky Phoenix Ring! Now if not the time for you to come out and have fun so just endure for a few more days! We have to hurry back now, otherwise Moying and the rest would definitely go mad from anxiety!”

She was enveloped by the Remote Transient Secret Flame earlier and disappeared behind the door so Li Moying and the rest definitely thought that she had met with danger.

However, Wang Cai refused to do as she said as it kicked it’s little short legs.

“Let me down, let me down! How can you tear the bridge after you cross the river!”