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Chapter 2318: Remote Transient Secret Fire (4)

As she had no choice, Meng Wan’er could only stay on.

Looking at Huang Yueli walking towards that tightly shut door on the right, Meng Wan’er couldn’t help but cursed silently: This ignorant woman, don’t even think about where she was and dared to go about recklessly opening the doors!

She really wished that an incredible mechanism would pop out later, best if it was that kind which Liu Buyan had met with earlier, directly shooting this wretched lass to death!

Alas, no matter how begrudging Meng Wan’er was, her curses didn’t take any effect at all.

Huang Yueli was truly a ninth ranked Armament Master who could even restore such a complex ancient mechanism in Ice Serpent Valley so how was it even possible for her to be defeated by a mere door?

She stood in front of the door and observed it in great detail before she raised her right hand the shot out seven to right hand gestures.

The array patterns which were carved on the sides of the door slowly lit up and gradually diminished.

Following that, she pressed a few rocks on the sides of the door before she pushed down the handle and gently opened the door.

The room door was slowly activated and there weren’t any arrows or daggers of any kind which shot out.

Originally on high alert standing beside Huang Yueli’s side, Li Moying finally heaved a sigh of relief.

When the room door was almost opened fully, Huang Yueli took a step forward and walked right in.

But just at the instance when her left foot was about to cross over the threshold, suddenly, a loud “BOOM” sound was heard coming from inside of the room!

Immediately following that, a blinding red glint scuttled out from the room abruptly and pounced onto Huang Yueli!

The change in this instance happened simply too quickly, as though it was just in a blink of an eye, the originally normal looking door had turned into a bundle of extremely strong flame and moreover, it rapidly turned into a sea of fire, enveloping Huang Yueli’s entire body into it.


Li Moying’s expression changed abruptly and he stretched out his hand hoping to help her block it off but however, it was already too late.

Huang Yueli’s body was wrapped in intense flames as she fell head first towards the room door.

Li Moying and Liu Buyan rushed over at the same time, hoping to pull Huang Yueli out but just at the instance when Huang Yueli fell in, the room door also shut tightly behind her.

A crisp “pong” sound was heard, as it knocked right into everyone’s heart!

“No—! Li’er—!”

Li Moying pounced towards the door with inconsolable appellation, as he could no longer be bothered if there was any mechanism and directly pushed the room door’s handle, hoping to open the room door once again.

However, the room that Huang Yueli had easily opened earlier, even though it was being brutally savaged by him right now, it totally didn’t budge at all.

No matter how he smashed it, or how he knocked, there was no response at all.

On the other end of the door.

Huang Yueli immediately felt something was amiss the minute she crossed the threshold.

Only when she stood at the entrance of the room did she realise that the fire attributed energy behind this door was simply too dense.

Even though the large hall was constructed out of Tenro Star Rocks, the intensity of the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi was already very high but the Profound Qi from the other side of the room was much higher by several times!

Just as she felt that something was wrong and wanted to retreat backwards, a ball of extremely scorching intense flame suddenly scuttered out, enveloping her entire body.

Moreover, the room seemed to be filled with a mysterious pulling force as it wrested her forward.

She totally could not fight against such a strong strength and in an instance, she was pulled behind the door.

The scorching flame started to burn every single inch of her body.