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Chapter 2317: Remote Transient Secret Fire (3)

Hence Meng Wan’er had no choice but to call out for them to chase up.

Whoever knew that Huang Yueli seemed as though she didn’t hear what the latter said as she just pulled Li Moying’s sleeve and swayed his hands, “Moying, I want to take a look at that side, accompany me there for a while!”

She pointed to the door on the right.

Li Moying lowered his head and seeing his little fox’s big eyes with an anticipative look, his heart jumped and immediately nodded his head as he said,” Alright.”

Huang Yueli showed a smile and pulled Li Moying’s hand as they walked over to the right side.

Meng Wan’er immediately shouted out when she saw this, “Stop there!”

Huang Yueli ignored her and continued walking towards the door on the right.

Meng Wan’er immediately ran over and blocked the both of them.

She casted a vicious gaze at Huang Yueli and spoke out in an exasperated manner, “Bai Ruoli, what are you trying to do? Didn’t I tell you all to follow me? How can you not listen to my instructions and run about on your own?? Don’t you know how dangerous the underground Palace is?”

Meng Wan’er added one more sentence in her heart: Forget it if you run about on your own, why must you drag my Male God along?

Huang Yueli took a look at her and spoke in neither a warm nor cold tone, “Sorry Young Miss Meng, I really meant to open up that door and take a look right now and I’d be done real quickly so can I trouble you to wait a while for me. Of course, if anyone can’t wait, you can also leave with Young Miss Meng first, Moying and I will chase up to you shortly.”

Huang Yueli’s words were out across rather politely because she indeed didn’t require anyone to stay and wait for her.

In actual fact, she felt that it was best if Meng Wan’er could leave first in case later on when she retrieves the treasure, Meng Wan’er would see it.

However, the others present were all on Huang Yueli’s side and although they didn’t know what she wanted to do, they all stood by her side unconditionally and all expressed their willingness to stay behind and wait for her.

When Meng Wan’er heard that, she was simply infuriated!

“All of you…. What do you mean by this?. Do you know or not just how many mechanisms and arrays are there in this underground Palace? Even if I know how to leave this place, I cannot guarantee that no accidents will happen along the entire journey! You all. Actually still want to wander around? Did you really think that this was your home’s rear garden? What should we do if you open that door and some mechanism is triggered?”

Huang Yueli remained composed,” Many thanks to Young Miss Meng for your concern but I myself is an Armament Master so I’m very good at decoding various mechanisms. I will take care of this small issue myself so I will not trouble you. Earlier I’ve also said that if you feel that it’s unsafe here, or if you can’t wait, then go ahead and leave first.”

“You…” Meng Wan’er was stuffed back by her words and didn’t know what else to say.

Whereas for Liu Buyan and the rest, they all expressed, “No matter, Young Miss Bai go on and do whatever you need to do, we’ll wait here for you!”

Meng Wan’er simply wanted to throw up a mouthful of old blood!

She had tirelessly led the way and thought that she had already expressed her importance in this team, making everyone see her in a new light and listen to her totally!

Whoever knew that, they still only had Huang Yueli in their eyes!

Even if they knew that Huang Yueli was evidently going to create trouble, all of them just let her be and insisted on standing on her side!

On what basis!

However, no matter how irreconcilable Meng Wan’er was, there wasn’t much use as all the others had already stopped, as their feet didn’t move at all.

What was the use of her leaving on her own?