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Chapter 2311: Worked hard to put up a good show (3)

Moreover, although Li Moying had already taken the simplified version of the Purified Pill and also put on the claret bracelet, he looked different from an ordinary person on the surface.

But no one could really tell how long this medicinal effect would last.

As long as they hadn’t obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid to refine the Purified Pill, his soul detachment illness would not be cured completely and the secret ailment will always remain within so who knew when it would suddenly relapse.

Thinking of this, everyone’s heart was extremely anxious.

Even Huang Yueli appeared extremely despondent and she leaned against Li Moying with a ghastly pale face, muttering to herself.

“What should we do now? What exactly should we do? Just how much longer are we going to be trapped in this underground palace? If…. If we really can’t leave this place, what should we do? Even if we do leave this place, we will definitely not be able to make it in time! We’re really finished! Moying, how? What should we do?”

She tugged Li Moying’s collar and leaned against his chest, as though she felt that she was about to faint the very next moment.

Liu Buyan saw her acting like this and had a rude shock as his heart was feeling out of sorts.

In his impression, this Junior Sister of his would always remain calm and composed at any moment in time. No matter what kind of precarious situation she was in, even if everyone had already given up hope, she was still able to remain composed, to find the most effective and safest way out.

Why had she turned so frail in such a short duration today?

Could it be that it was really because of Li Moying’s matter which made her unable to calm down?

Liu Buyan was feeling suspicious but he immediately voiced out to console her, “Junior Sister, don’t be anxious, let’s think of some other ways! Everyone let’s come out with some ideas! Don’t worry Junior Sister, even if we have to open up every single door and try it out, we might still make it in time. Perhaps this underground Palace is very small, so we might be able to find an exit in just a few steps.”

However, Huang Yueli remained having a desperate look as she shook her head weakly.

“No, impossible…. We are definitely a goner this time for sure…. This underground Palace definitely takes up a vast plot of land, you don’t need to console me…”

“But…” Liu Buyan was tongue tied as this was the first time he discovered that his own Junior Sister was just like any ordinary young lady, suddenly turning unreasonable.

Just at this moment, an unexpected voice suddenly rang in front of the crowd.

“Young Master Li, don’t you all worry, I have a way to bring you all out!”

Everyone was stunned thinking that they had heard it wrongly.

When they hurriedly turned around, they realised that the person who spoke earlier was actually the completely forgotten Wan’er!

At this moment, Meng Wan’er strode forward with determined doorsteps and walked out from the crowd. Not knowing what kind of ointment had she applied on her face, the pig-headed swollen face seemed to show signs of having swelled down.

Moreover at this moment, her face was filled with a smile and she had ample confidence in her tone while speaking.

“Young Master Li, rest assured. I have some understanding towards this underground palace’s situation and I know exactly how we should leave this place, just follow me and that will do!”

Li Moying’s gaze was profound as he turned towards Meng Wan’er and spoke in a deep voice, “You have a way to lead us out?”

Those starry profound black pupils of his were fixated on Meng Wan’er and her heart was pounding wildly to the limit, so agitated that she almost jumped up.

This was the first time that Li Moying had looked at her in the eye and moreover, using such an attentive gaze!