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Chapter 2312: Worked hard to put up a good show (4)

Meng Wan’er was extremely excited as she puffed out her chest to reveal a sweet smile.

“Young Master Li, you didn’t hear me wrong! You don’t need to worry about being trapped in this place because with me around, I will bring you out!”

She self-assumed that she had given an extremely beautiful smile but in actual fact, when paired with that blue-blackish face, not only did it contain any aesthetic value, it even made one feel extremely uncomfortable.

Li Moying couldn’t help but frowned and almost couldn’t maintain the expression on his face.

When Huang Yueli saw that, she hurriedly pinched Li Moying and even transmitted a secret message to warn him to endure it, and he absolutely cannot spoil her plan!

Li Moying felt that he was mentally tortured and was feeling indignant as he couldn’t help but stare at the little fox in his arms.

Huang Yueli hurriedly palacated him through secret transmission, “Moying, just sacrifice a little of your looks, anyway you won’t lose any piece of meat! Meng Wan’er had finally gotten hooked so let’s see where she is going to lead us to exactly!”

If Li Moying didn’t manage to endure it and the plan fell through where he really punched Meng Wan’er, then the act that she had put on earlier was really wasted!

She had not worked hard to put on such a good show for many years, not to mention acting so weak and frail, as though she totally couldn’t bear to suffer any blows at all.

Earlier when Liu Buyan revealed the terrified expression, she almost wanted to end up laughing!

Luckily Meng Wan’er jumped in on time and moreover, even unsuspectingly revealed her ace up her sleeve, which made Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief.

If Meng Wan’er really hadn’t expressed anything, and even didn’t have any action when the crowd were already extremely despondent from not being able to find the way out, then Huang Yueli really had to worry about what Meng Wan’er was really scheming on.

But now, since Meng Wan’er already said she wanted to lead the way, then her motive was already out in the open by a large half.

It looked like everyone’s guess wasn’t wrong at all. Meng Wan’er had indeed intentionally triggered the mechanism at the foot of Lone Sky Summit, making them fall into this underground palace.

Moreover, there was a ninety nine percent chance that this was related to the ghost mask man. After all, he was the one who invited Li Moying and her to Lone Sky Summit.

At the present moment, the only thing which they were unclear of was, where was Meng Wan’er intending to bring them to? The ghost masked man tried ways and means to lure them to this ghostly place, what was his intention?

Huang Yueli’s thoughts kept on roving and although her face maintained an expression which looked as though she was about to faint, grabbing on tightly to Li Moying’s sleeve as she refused to let go.

Meng Wan’er’s sight landed on Huang Yueli’s ghastly white face and a sliver of ridicule flashed past her eyes.

Wasn’t this wretched lass usually very awesome and very arrogant, very capable? Who would have known that when she really came to the early historical remains and met with danger, she was actually scared stiff in a few mere moments till she was totally helpless!

From her looks, if it wasn’t for Li Moying who stayed by her side to protect her, she would probably have lost her life long ago?

This kind of useless flower vase, could actually gain the affection of a fine man like Li Moying?

Meng Wan’er laughed coldly in her heart as she was even more determined to make use of this chance to perform well, to show Li Moying her, Meng Wan’er prowess, thus planting love from the bottom of his heart.

In this way, after Bai Ruoli that wretched lass had died, she would be able to replace her immediately.

Thinking of this, Meng Wan’er’s smile grew even more self-confident, “Young Master Li, please follow me. Don’t you have an urgent matter to settle at Lone Sky Summit? If we continue to delay, who knows how much time we are going to waste.”

Saying that, she casted a flirtatious gaze at Li Moying as she turned around and walked towards one of the doors.