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Chapter 2310: Worked hard to put up a good show (2)

Earlier when they entered the hall, Huang Yueli already discovered this point.

The Tenro Star Rocks were forged into the circular wall surface and the gaps were well-distributed. In between a small distance was an arched door and there were a total of eight doors.

Among those doors, one of them was the one which led them out from the storage room earlier.

“Other than the one which we came by earlier, there’s a total of seven doors and we don’t know where it leads to.” Huang Yueli said helplessly as she explained the situation.

Liu Buyan kept sizing those doors up and frowned, “If there’s really no choice, then let’s just open one at a time to check.”

Saying that, he walked directly towards one of the doors and grabbed hold of the handle as he wanted to open it.

Huang Yueli’s colour changed abruptly and immediately cried out, “Senior Brother, don’t you wish to live any longer, it’s dangerous! Quickly move aside!”

The moment Liu Buyan turned the door knob, he already realised that something was amiss because there was a slight sound coming from inside the door and from the sound of it, it sounded like some mechanism being activated.

He was also an experienced practitioner and he knew that things were not going well hence he instantly retreated.

Just at the instant when he was retreating backwards while evading, a few “pff pff pff pff” sounds rang continuously.

The door suddenly opened wide and countless arrows shot out from the cave. The sharp tips gave off a terrifying cold glint, which could be seen in the dim and dark hall, while it was shot out.

Even if Liu Buyan’s ability was overbearing and he managed to retreat in time, but there were still some arrows which brushed past him, tearing the cloth on his shoulder.

Liu Buyan was so scared that he broke out in cold sweat, “This… this underground palace is indeed filled with mechanisms everywhere! Moreover, what mechanism is this, why is it that the speed of the arrows were able to reach this degree!”

A mechanism which was able to hurt a ninth stage realm peak practitioner was not commonly seen.

Huang Yueli frowned as she said, “This isn’t some ordinary early historical remains. Just based on the undergoing palace’s owner, for him to be able to get so many Tenro Star Rocks to construct this huge hall, we are able to know just what kind of overbearing ability he had when he built this underground palace that year! Everyone must be extremely prudent, this place is simply too dangerous and if you’re not careful, even if everyone here is in ninth stage realm peak, there is a possibility of you losing your life here.”

Seeing Liu Buyan’s dishevelled look, everyone was trembling in their hearts so naturally they didn’t dare to act rashly.

Everyone quietened down and started to crack their brains to find a way out.

Cang Po Hun pondered and spoke out slowly, “I’ve not expected that behind every single door, there seemed to be various kinds of mechanisms so we’ve run into big trouble this time round. Could it be that we need to wait for Master Bai to decode all these mechanisms one by one then choose a route to try right? But in this way, it will definitely be very time consuming?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head, “That’s right. If it’s only these mechanisms behind these eight doors which need to be decoded then it’s fine. But perhaps behind every single door, there might be other split paths and by the time we turn here and there, who knows how much time we need to spend…

Everyone present had all explored different kinds of mystic regions and had experienced multiple times of experience learning where they were trapped in the early historical remains. To them it was really not considered as something strange.

If they had ample time to slowly seek a way out, that wouldn’t matter.

But now the problem was they needed to leave this place as soon as possible and meet with the ghost mask man on the agreed date at Lone Sky Summit.

If they were trapped here in the underground palace for a year or so, would the ghost mask man continue waiting?