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Chapter 2309: Worked hard to put up a good show (1)

This hall was round shaped and it was constructed with a sumptuous feel and the

surrounding walls were sparkling with a faint gold lustre.

The crowd stood in the middle of the large hall and they could sense the Heaven and Earth

Profound Qi which were gathered from the surroundings.

After realising this, everyone appeared shocked and joyful, as they all started exclaiming in admiration.

“This… the Profound Qi here, it’s so dense! At least ten times of Sky Emperor City!”

“That’s right, if we were to cultivate here, our efforts would definitely be cut short by half?”

“Could it be that this underground palace has a spirit gathering array set up?”

Huang Yueli shook her head when she heard that, “No, this is not the spirit gathering array, but… the spirit gathering effect from these Tenro Star Rocks!”

“Tenro Star Rocks? What are these things?” Cang Po Jun asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

He was a ninth stage realm peak practitioner and had been established for many years so he self-professed that he was experienced and knowledgeable but the Tenro Star Rocks that Huang Yueli mentioned was something that even he had not heard before!

Instead, Liu Buyan immediately understood it and spoke out in surprise, “So… these are the Tenro Star Rocks? So many Tenro Star Rocks around, it’s simply unimaginable!”

Cang Po Hun asked curiously, “Divine Doctor Liu, what are Tenro Star Rocks? Why is it that we’ve never heard of it?”

“It’s only normal that you’ve not heard of it. Tenro Star Rock is a kind of ninth tiered material and has always been extremely rare. These kinds of rocks naturally have spirit gathering effects and it could gather the surrounding Heaven and Earth’s Profound Qi, the effects are even much better than a ninth grade spirit gathering array! A supplementary Profound Armament only needs one fingernail sized Tenro Star Rocks and it will be able to aid the ninth stage realm practitioner to cultivate.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “Senior Brother is indeed knowledgeable, that’s exactly so!”

When she said that, both Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun were tongue tied as their eyeballs almost dropped out from their sockets!

“This… this thing is actually so valuable? One fingernail size can create a ninth tiered Profound Armament? Then… this entire wall is made out of the Tenro Star Rock so how much would this entire piece be worth??”

Cang Po Hun suddenly had an idea, “Why not, we knock one piece off and bring it back?”

Huang Yueli didn’t know if she should laugh or cry on hearing that, “What’s going on? You’re actually even greedier towards money than me! To tell you the truth, if we are able to knock these Tenro Star Rocks down and bring it back, I’d have done so long ago! Alas, the Tenro Star Rocks are extremely solid and without using a special method, it’s impossible to break it. Besides that, there’s so many mechanisms and defence arrays around, if we cause damage to the wall, god knows what will happen? It’s better not to think so much and consider how to leave this place first!”

Listening to her words, the crowd finally calmed down from the shock and once again turned their thoughts to the correct path.

Li Moying had not been taking part in their discussion right from the start, but had been observing the situation around the surroundings.

At this moment, he opened his mouth, “That’s right, you guys still want to smash the Tenro Star Rock and bring it back, I think…. whether we can find a way out is a big problem.”

He raised his chin and indicated for everyone to turn backwards.

The crowd turned back and everyone was stunned, following that they all looked at each other in dismay.

“This… what situation is this? This hall actually has eight doors? Don’t tell me there’s a total of eight paths?” Cang Po Hun cried out.

Huang Yueli sighed, “Unfortunately, it really is like this.”