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Chapter 2308: Meng Wan’er makes her move (8)

If he didn’t cut off Meng Wan’er’s words, he was afraid that he would no longer be able to control himself, to deal a vicious blow towards her!

Huang Yueli looked at Li Moying’s innocent look and suddenly felt that she simply loved to be jealous too much hence she withdrew her hand embarrassedly.

When the crowd finished their food, all of them tended to their own injuries and they had completed their sprucing up.

When Huang Yueli got up once again, she led the crowd to the flower pillar which she stopped for a long time earlier.

“Everyone, move back slightly. These mechanisms are time-honoured and we don’t know if it had been activated in the past several thousand years so later on when I activate the mechanism, we don’t know if any accidents will happen so everyone please stand a bit further away in case you meet with danger.”

Cang Po Jun and the others obediently retreated but Li Moying totally didn’t move as he stood by her side.

Huang Yueli didn’t say much and once again retrieved her silver gloves as she put it on and took a step up.

Her slender fingers slowly felt around the surface of the wall while the other hand was fingering mnemonic gestures while muttering to herself as she kept on calculating and deducing.

After a while, she suddenly worked up her Profound Energy as both hands consecutively felt past ten over stone tiles.

“Pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft——”

A dull sound was heard ringing from the wall and immediately following that, the entire wall started vibrating.

The crowd was just facing this wall and they started to back away from it.

In a moment, the entire room’s dust pervaded the entire place as various small rocks kept dropping down in astonishing speed, as it flew towards the surroundings in all directions.

“Cough cough, cough cough!”

The crowd started to cough as they choked on the dust and hurriedly evaded towards the four corners.

Li Moying’s reaction was swift as he locked the young lady in his arms and brought her to hide along the place where the vent was located.

After some time, the dust finally started to land once again and the crowd’s vision recovered.

Earlier the impenetrable wall had already shifted backwards to both sides, revealing a cave.

“That’s great, the exit is right here! Master Bai is indeed an outstanding Armament Master. Activating an ancient mechanism takes just the effort of lifting a finger!” Cang Po Hun looked upon Huang Yueli with admiration as he kept fawning on her.

Liu Buyan payyed the dust of his clothes and spoke out gloomily, “What broken mechanism is this, and how many years has it not been activated? To actually accumulate so much dust! This Divine Doctor’s hairstyle is already messed up, even my clothes are crumpled!”

However, he was only tainted with some fallen dust and appeared a little dishevelled whereas Meng Wan’er was in a much more terrible state than him.

Her cultivation was too weak and moreover, earlier in order to spy on Huang Yueli, she didn’t listen to instructions to back off so she was standing a little too near.

In the end when the mechanism activated, she was sprayed with a face full of dust and following that, many rocks also fell onto her body.

These stones were actually not very large but the impact of it being shot out by the activation of the mechanism made it shoot out at an unusually fast speed. Plus the fact that the quantity was in masses, there were some which landed consecutively on Meng Wan’er and quite a number even crashed on her face.

In a short couple of breaths, it caused Meng Wan’er to be bruised so badly that she looked like a pighead.

Huang Yueli saw this from her peripheral view and almost couldn’t stifle her laughter and she expended a huge amount of effort before she managed to keep it in.

“Cough cough, I say… let’s not stay in a daze right here, hurry on and go out to see what’s going on!”

The crowd all nodded their heads and followed her out of the cave.

The outside of the cave entrance was a dark corridor.

The crowd walked along the corridor and not too long later, they came to a huge, spacious hall.