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Chapter 2307: Meng Wan’er makes her move (7)

“Are you hungry? I still have with me some unfinished smoked wolf meat from a few days ago.”

As Huang Yueli said that, she took our large pieces of dried meat from her realm ring and distributed them to everyone.

Just a few days ago, they killed a lot of Snowfield Great Wolves and there is a large quantity of fine wolf rear meat which could not be finished so it could only be made into smoked dried meat. Luckily Huang Yueli’s culinary skills weren’t bad so those dried meat’s smell was extremely tempting.

Liu Buyan and the others were all hungry and all of them immodestly, bore through Li Moying’s fleetingly cold gaze, as they all ate and drank heartily.

Huang Yueli’s vision shifted and landed onto Meng Wan’er.

She sat in the corner, other than occasionally sneaking a peek at Li Moying, she didn’t dare to meet other people’s vision and looked like she had a guilty conscience.

But Huang Yueli didn’t bother to expose her and still distributed the food to her as well, then returning back to sit next to Li Moying as she started to eat as well.

Liu Buyan was chewing the wolf meat as he spoke out, “Junior Sister, it seems that you have a card up your sleeve so it looks like the mechanism here isn’t too difficult for you?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “I’ve already roughly taken a look and these mechanisms are indeed left behind from the ancient times but this place is after all a storage room with no valuable treasures inside the room so the mechanism in this room isn’t very complex. Later after I have done a detailed calculation then we will be able to activate it.”

Cang Po Jun was delighted, “That’s simply wonderful! This Subordinate was still worried that if the mechanism was very hard to decode and spend too much time in this place it might possibly delay Young Sect Master’s illness!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she shook her head, “Guardian Jun, you’re assured too soon. Based on the understanding that I have towards the ancient underground palace, this storage room should be situated on a very small plot of land, on the side position of the huge underground palace. After we leave the storage room, we will enter the underground palace’s main body. Now we still don’t know how big this underground palace is, or how many mechanisms are there, or how much time we must spend before we can leave this place. So our troubles have just started!”

Cang Po Hun frowned, “What? How could this be? This time we’ve really been schemed badly by Meng Wan’er!”

Saying that, he shot an angry stare towards Meng Wan’er.

When Meng Wan’er heard their difficult tone, her heart blossomed and thought silently in her heart that no matter how powerful their abilities were, or how high their cultivations were, what use was there? Now that they’ve fallen into this underground palace, their life and death was no longer up to their own control!

But she still remained composed as she knew that she should not reveal any flaws now hence her face still had an aggrieved expression.

“Sorry, sorry! It’s all my fault…”

Li Moying frowned when he heard that, “Forget it, don’t talk about all these anymore. Let’s leave this secret room first then take one step at a time!”

Meng Wan’er had not expected that Li Moying who usually didn’t bother to reply to her would actually stand out and speak for her right now. She couldn’t help but reveal a shocked and joyous look, as her pair of beautiful glistering eyes was shining with an unconcealable gentle love, as she gazed towards Li Moying’s direction.

When Huang Yueli saw that, the corners of her lips twitched and she silently stretched out her hand and pinched Li Moying on his waist.

Li Moying felt pain and turned back to take an astonished and innocent look at Huang Yueli, totally unable to understand where he had offended his little fox again?

Only Heaven knew that he totally wasn’t speaking for Meng Wan’er. Every single time he heard Meng Wan’er’s voice, he couldn’t help but wanted to send her flying off with a slap.