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Chapter 2303: Meng Wan’er makes her move (3)

If it wasn’t for the injury on his back which was a ghastly sight, Huang Yueli really wanted to stretch out her hand and have a feel.

But now, she only felt heartache.

Huang Yueli took a deep breath as she opened the lid of the jar and dug out a large pile of jade white coloured ointment and applied it directly onto Li Moying’s wounds.

Although the wounds were very deep, Li Myoing just sat there not moving at all, as though he totally didn’t feel any pain.

He allowed Huang Yueli to do as she wished on his back and at the same time, started to observe in detail at the surroundings.

Just at this moment, they saw a bundle of light moving slowly over towards them and when they got nearer, they were then able to tell that it was Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun duo as they walked closer.

On seeing Huang Yueli and Li Moying, Liu Buyan’s face revealed a joyous expression.

But following that, his sight laid onto Li Moying’s naked upper body as his brows rose and he spoke with a tinge of ridicule, “This, am I… interrupting you guys?”

Li Moying didn’t even bother to take a look at him as he gave a cold humph, “Since you know you interrupted us, then still not going to scram?”

Huang Yueli was rather speechless when she heard these two’s conversation as she patted Li Moying’s shoulder and said, “The both of you… really can’t you survive without arguing for one day? Senior Brother, you’re mistaken, we… we’re really not doing anything! Moying was hurt when he fell down earlier, so I’m just applying some ointment for him.”

“Oh…..” Liu Buyan nodded his head, “That year’s Number One Top Exponent in the Continent, actually falling into such a despondent state, to actually be injured just from such a low height!”

Li Moying’s face darkened and Huang Yueli hurriedly explained, “Li Moying ended up like this because he was protecting me!”

Worried that the both of them were to argue once again, she hurriedly diverted the topic, “Right, Senior Brother, where did you and Guardian Jun fell into? Did you manage to check out the surrounding situation on the way here?”

Liu Buyan pursed his lips and his expression turned a little grave, “Guardian Jun and I had already toured the nearby spots earlier and we can tell that this should be an underground palace. As for this room, it is possibly the storage room, but alas the gold, silver jewelleries and such junk here aren’t any treasures which are of value.”

Cang Po Jun also walked over and said, “That’s right, from the looks of this, we seem to have fallen into an esteemed senior’s cave dwelling and perhaps, it might just be like what Meng Wan’er said, one of the early historical remains which is near Lone Sky Summit?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head, “I also feel the same way.”

Huang Yueli listened to their deduction but didn’t immediately say out her thinking, but thought of another matter.

“That’s right, speaking of Meng Wan’er… why haven’t we seen her? And how about Guardian Hun, why aren’t they in this room?”

Li Buyan said, “Meng Wan’er’s cultivation is too low and when she fell down from the top, her injury is rather serious and she wasted another one of This Divine Doctor’s medicinal pill… this situation isn’t very clear and I’m worried that there might be danger lurking so I got Guardian Hun to stay with her and keep a lookout. They’re in the right rear corner there.”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she wasn’t too surprised and only said indifferently, “Ai, from the looks of this, Young Miss Meng is really unlucky after she met us! Just a few days time and she’s already injured three times. Moreover every single time it’s always a serious injury which might cause her to lose her life!”

Cang Po Jun didn’t think the same way as he scoffed, “Wasn’t she the one who brought this upon herself? She deserved it! It’s all thanks to her that we have fallen down into this underground palace as well!”