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Chapter 2304: Meng Wan’er makes her move (4)

Huang Yueli looked pensive as she spoke, “Speaking of this, Meng Wan’er’s actions today is indeed very abnormal. It’s not her first time coming to Lone Sky Summit so surely there’s no need to be so agitated just because she saw a stone sculpture left behind from the early historical remains right? In an environment like this where dangers lurked everywhere, she even went around touching everything, she’s simply looking for death!”

Liu Buyan jumped, “Junior Sister, you mean to say…. Meng Wan’er did it intentionally?”

Huang Yueli continued, “There’s a possibility that it’s intentional but it can also be possible that it’s unintentional, anyway now we don’t have any evidence. But this matter is so abnormal so there is most likely a scheme so everyone had better be a little more prudent.”

Right now, she had already finished applying the ointment for Li Moying and took out a spare set of clean clothes as she passed it to him.

Li Moying was putting on his clothes as he spoke out, “Let’s not care about all these first. Now the most important thing is to quickly think of ideas to get out. Our trip to Lone Sky Summit this time round is not to explore some early historical remains, but to obtain the Bipolar Black Orchid! Now we haven’t even met the ghost mask man but we fell into this goddamn place, so who knows when we will be able to get out. If we are trapped in this underground palace, it would mean trouble!”

Cang Po Jun endorsed this by nodding his head, “That’s right, This Subordinate thinks so too! Earlier Divine Doctor Liu and I have already gone one round to check on the surroundings and this storage room is very big but the four walls are surrounded by a very hard stone wall and there’s practically no window at all. Moreover, earlier we fell from the rooftop but now the hole in the roof had already closed up. Looks like earlier the hole that suddenly appeared just now was because Meng Wan’er had triggered some sort of mechanism but what we don’t know is if that mechanism could be activated from the outside?”

Liu Buyan thought about it and said, “This is a storage room. I don’t believe that we can only enter and leave from the ceiling, there must be an exit around the four surroundings! Only thing is it mostly will rely on a mechanism to be activated so we have to think of an idea.”

Although he spoke about thinking of an idea, but his eyes were fixed onto Huang Yueli.

In this team, there was an Armament Master who was readily available and moreover her standard was extremely high. This sort of matter, of course they’d rely on Huang Yueli for it.

No matter what other ideas the others had, those were all pointless ideas.

Huang Yueli was just about to speak when suddenly, a flurry of footsteps came shuffling over.

They saw Cang Po Hun supporting Meng Wan’er walking over.

Meng Wan’er was walking with a limp and her face still bore those scratches which were from the Snowfield Great Wolf’s attack that day, which had not totally recovered and she looked truly miserable.

On seeing the cold and astute gaze from Li Moying, Meng Wan’er subconsciously shuddered.

Li Moying spoke in a cold voice, “Young Miss Meng, you’d best explain to us why you’ve landed us onto this goddamn place, and what intentions are you planning?”

Meng Wan’er had originally thought of an excuse but in front of Li Moying’s powerful aura, she still felt her back turning chilly and when she opened her mouth, her voice was quivering slightly.

“Li… Young Master Li, you…. you’re mistaken about me! I really…. really wasn’t careful! Earlier I already wanted to go back but in the end, I accidentally fell, I really… really didn’t do it intentionally…”

Meng Wan’er braced herself as she continued to explain, “Really, what I said is the truth! If I know that this place is so deep, how would I dare to jump down? It’s not as though I don’t want to live any longer!”