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Chapter 2302: Meng Wan’er makes her move (2)

In this way, the large zone which they were facing was illuminated so brightly as though it was day time.

The two of them could finally see clearly what was their current position.

Huang Yueli roughly surveyed the surroundings and raised her brows surprisedly.

She originally thought that the lower part of the ice layer where they were standing at should be a crack between the ice layer which led downwards into the icy sea but whoever knew that the location they were in presently was actually a spacious and simple room whereas the surroundings were filled with exquisite and delicate décor and murals which looked a little like a luxurious underground palace.

But Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered to take a detailed look as she only swept a glance around and verified that the surroundings weren’t dangerous before she pounced back onto Li Moying as she grabbed his wrist.

Li Moying wanted to draw his arm back, “Li’er, what are you doing?”

“Don’t move, I’m checking how serious your injury is!” Huang Yueli gave him a fierce stare when she saw him trying to avoid her.

Li Moying was scared of her getting angry hence he stopped his pulling back and allowed her to take his pulse.

Huang Yueli’s expression was extremely ugly, “The internal qi in your entire body is flowing backwards and your internal injury isn’t light at all but yet you still refused to let me check! Are you having a fracture? Turn around and let me take a look!”

She wanted to route past Li Moying’s back but was stopped by Li Moying’s outstretched hand, “I don’t have any broken bones, really, I’m not lying to you!”

“Then why are you hiding!” Huang Yueli was anxious and wrested him hard as she turned him around to check.

She stretched out her hand and felt around on Li Moying’s back as he subconsciously shuddered. Although he quickly controlled himself however that natural reaction could not deceive anyone.

Moreover, Huang Yueli had already sensed that the part of the cloth that she had touched was already soaked in blood.

“Mn, there’s no fracture, but there seems to be multiple wounds! Dumb, dumb, you big oaf! If you were to roll a few rounds on the ground to ease the impact, then you wouldn’t be hurt this badly!” Huang Yueli’s eyes were damp as she bit her lips and she looked as though she wanted to hit him but didn’t dare to.

She was very sure in her heart that for such an experienced practitioner like Li Moying, it was impossible for him to not know about this.

But because she was in Li Moying’s arms and this man was unwilling to let her roll on the floor, deeply worried that she would suffer any single bit of injury hence he would rather himself getting injured instead.

“Li’er…” Li Moying wanted to pull her into his arms.

Huang Yueli had patted his wounds hard, “You’re not allowed to move! I have the top grade blood clotting ointment here, I’ll apply it for you!”

Li Moying had not expected his little fox to be so vicious and hard-handed, to resort to such vicious methods on him as he moaned out in pain, “Oh my! Li’er, are you trying to murder your husband!”

“Stop with the husband nonsense! Quick, take off your clothes!” Huang Yueli retrieved a porcelain medicinal jar from her realm ring and urged Li Moying.

Li Moying spoke out in a low voice, “Li’er, don’t be so anxious, I’ll strip, I’ll strip alright?”

Huang Yueli’s lips couldn’t help but twitch.

Why did he made it out as though she was a hedonistic character trying to force an honest man into prostitution!

When was this already, he still didn’t forget about teasing her!

But Li Moying was merely just saying it for fun as he obediently stripped off his top after he spoke so that Huang Yueli could apply the ointment for him.

His well-built muscles revealed strong and energetic linings on his nude back and every single inch of muscle carried a pure man’s sexy seduction.