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Chapter 2301: Meng Wan’er makes her move (1)

For that one instant, Meng Wan’er was so scared that she had already lost her rationality.

But when her gaze glanced past that lady next to Li Moying, her senses returned to her and she forcibly suppressed the great terror in her heart.

Don’t be scared… don’t be frightened….. You must persist on…

As long as she was able to hang on to this bit of pressure, not too long later, she would be able to send this little slut to Heaven!

Meng Wan’er kept on consoling herself as she finally set down her determination and with her quivering voice, she cried out to Li Moying, “S….Sorry, I… will be back immediately…”

She looked as though she was extremely flustered and on turning around, her feet stepped on a shattered piece of ice and her body started swaying.

With a “pong”, her body lost balance and she fell heavily onto the icy ground and coincidentally, she banged against one of the stone sculptors.

The crowd all looked on with astonishment at this scene.

Liu Buyan couldn’t help but frowned, “This fall isn’t light at all! Surely she’s not going to waste another piece of This Divine Doctor’s high levelled medicinal pill right?”

He had just finished his words when suddenly, the ground started to shake vigorously.

The degree of tremor was extremely large and even if those present are all extremely powerful top exponents, they all started falling all over as they practically weren’t able to maintain their balance.

The shattered pieces of ice and stone on the ground flew into the air from the huge impact as it was thrown all around.

“What… What’s going on??” Huang Yueli’s feet slipped and almost fell down but luckily Li Moying caught on to her in time and pulled her into his arms.

Liu Buyan tried hard to maintain his balance as he spoke out intermittently, “I… I somehow feel… the ground…. down…. Sinking downwards?”

When Li Moying heard that, his brows creased, “That’s right, the ground really seems to be sinking downwards, could it be…..”

Before he could even finish his sentence, the descending speed of the ground abruptly hastened and it was just a mere instance when the piece of ground which they were standing on, actually sunk down entirely.


The crowd were all stepping on air as they all fell beneath the ground.

The lower part of the ice was a huge vacant space and it was extremely deep.

Huang Yueli and the others kept on falling downwards and it took a couple of breaths before they all started to hit the bottom part.

Li Moying had been hugging Huang Yueli tightly all this while and even if it was the state of loss of gravity, he didn’t lose his grip at all and when they landed onto the ground, he even used his own body as a cushion for Huang Yueli’s body.

A loud “Bang” was heard and Li Moying’s back landed onto the ground. He felt sweetness rush up his throat and almost threw up blood.

But he still managed to keep it in and moreover he totally didn’t care about his own injuries as he stretched out his hand and touched the young lady in his arms, while asking anxiously, “Li’er, Li’er, how are you? Are you injured?”

Huang Yueli pressed down on his roving big hand and her voice sounded a little dull, “I’m fine and I’m not injured, the one who’s injured is you! Why didn’t you let go of me just now?”

“How can I possibly let go of you? You’re only in the seventh stage realm, what will happen if you fall down like this!” Li Moying spoke out in a flabbergasted tone and was still insistent on feeling Huang Yueli on her entire body before he was finally at ease.

Luckily, his little fox really seemed as though she wasn’t injured.

Huang Yueli pushed his chest gently and propped herself up before snapping her finger.

In the dark space, a flame instantly lit up.

She made another snap and the flame instantly split into four and flew out towards the four directions. It flew slowly towards ten over meters away and then stopped in mid air.